7 thoughts on “The Social Media Break-Through We’ve Been Waiting For?

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  2. I just love that you recommend hashtags.org; with RiteTag.com you get stripped down stats, a discovery panel to learn how tags are being used, and while in the second week of June, people are searching 5 networks for tags, from mid-June it’ll be 10 🙂

    Naturally, I look forward to learning about Social Prize and hope I can lend a hand in getting the word out.

    • Well, I am ashamed. I only recently found put you launched. I had noticed the pre sign up page and figured there was no product yet.. glad I am wrong!

      We’re actually looking to partner up with small businesses and startups at Social Prize. There’s major opportunity to cross-promote and offer each other tools, early access ot new features, and exclusive deals.

      We’ll definitely discuss further tonight. Also, I only brought uo HashTags because that, SEOmoz, analytics apps, and Commun.it are what I am used to. Honestly, I barely use HashTags nowadays because their UI and functionality is painful, to say the least.

      Can’t wait to talk shop with a fellow startup founder and old friend, Saul! 8)

    • Reminder, folks: RiteTag is in full effect now! What a great tool for researching hashtags and trending topics across platforms/networks. Great work here, Saul Fleischman and team!

      • …And don’t forget to do some keyword/topic research when choosing themes and prizes for sweepstakes. The team at Social Prize can help you with that, too!

        Maybe we can find some neat ways to integrate RiteTag on Social Prize. Whatcha say, Saul? ;o)

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