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Hello all!

My name is Yomar but, here, many know me as Yogizilla. In many ways, Yogizilla is my unfiltered alter-ego and personal brand, a virtual calling card that keeps me connected to all you wonderful geeks out there. Y3B represents the digital crossroads of my many geeky creative initiatives and business ventures. To think that a mere hobby would turn into such a big passion – I honestly did not see it coming! Nowadays, it’s hard to think of a world without blogs and social media, at least in their purest forms.

Now that my blog has a delicate balance of close friends, colleagues, clients, and total strangers, I figured it would be best to take a different approach to the obligatory “About” page. I have updated this page to address my favorite community questions, including these:

* What have you been up to?
* What is your “thing”, anyway?
* Why do you blog so much?
* What are your current business and creative ventures?
* When can I clean your mansion’s pool?

SIDEBAR: Yes, people have actually asked me about cleaning my mansion’s pool. I guess they fail to realize that I am not one for unnecessary excess and luxury. I am bohemian in nature, a simple man with simple needs. Give me a farm or ranch and I am fine. Heck, a cozy little house is fine too. As it is, I’ve lived in a shoebox apartment in Manhattan with a very unorganized, chaotic, and messy brother – I am definitely not picky! After a while, you learn to streamline your life and focus on the things that matter most.

I figure that those that really wish to know such things can read my blog or Google me; otherwise, we’re wasting time with silly small talk and I’m here for everyone, not mere self-promotion. Unlike most people, I don’t really care to brag about my personal endeavors though I will gladly share my experiences with those that genuinely wish to know about them. I am more interested in learning your story, the story of my readers, and building warmth and relationships. I want Y3B to be considered one of the web’s most authentic experiences.

Some of you have gotten past your bashful visiting habits and have written me some very nice notes and comments – keep them coming as they keep me focused! It’s always great connecting with others. The Information Age (or whatever folks want to tag it) has made it so easy to make warm connections, yet it’s also easier to take people for granted in all our haste and zeal.

Yogizilla - Cheers!
Cheers!!! They say that including a photo in your blog, allbeit a bad one, shows people that you are sincere, approachable, and “real” – now you know I am not a robot, folks!

Who I Am
My name is Yomar Lopez. I am of the human race. I am just a simple guy that enjoys the little things that life has to offer. My professional background has concentrated on Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service but writing has always been a passion of mine. I went to Pace University, where I focused on Computer Science and Psychology, mainly; however, a brunt of my knowledge comes from independent learning, peer collaboration, and hands-on work. I’m a Jack of all trades and I suppose a master of some as well! I have an inquisitive mind and take all so-called “facts” and “expertise” with a grain of salt. I enjoy digging deeper and sometimes over-analyzing things. I try to put all the hype aside. I eat shady sales people for lunch – not literally, of course!

While I don’t necessarily believe in labels (since they hardly capture the essence of anything), I could best be described as a video game geek, dabbler, dreamer, creative engineer, computer programmer, tech geek (or “techie”, if you prefer), and an all-around friendly guy. I love meeting like-minded people online and collaborating. If you want to get to know me better, check out The Mundane Chatter Podcast (MCP) Homepage and MCP Squidoo Lens And Geeky Portal – let us know what you think and join our ongoing conversations!

My Mission
I love helping people and I think large corporations have forgotten how to do that. Customer service, R&D, and a complete marketing approach seem to lack. Most importantly, most have forgotten how to tell a good, authentic story. I want to change all that and start making some ripples. My mission is to do what I am passionate about, not merely what is profitable, and provide valuable (and often fun) content. Sounds a bit pre-canned, I know, but I feel that many people today are doing what pays the bills, not what truly fulfills them. I think it’s possible to do both. I’m trying to make a living helping others live, to put it in another manner. Helping people is my “thing”, because everyone has to have a thing, after all!

What Drives Me
I’ve always enjoyed following my heart and taking the road not often taken. I enjoy a challenge and learning new things every day – I guess that’s just the adventurous, romantic person in me! What truly gives me great joy is knowing that, at the end of the day, I made a difference, even if just in a small way. Sharing experiences and wisdom with others is huge. If you can learn from someone else’s life, why not listen for a bit? It is the mutual sharing of experiences, the art of storytelling, that we as a society have lost. Gone are the days of folklore, oral tradition, and compelling stories. A good story is rare these days, which is why the few of them that are around do really well. It’s a winner-take-all marketplace these days. I’m trying to do my part to bring back things to those ever-elusive better days. I am a creative spirit so my works manifest themselves in the most unexpected of ways whether it’s a blog entry, a magazine article, a book, a video game, or even a blurb on one of countless social networking sites.

Y3B In A Nutshell
My main WordPress blog, Y3B (you’re here), has become more topical and focused over time, though I still feature a very random assortment of articles. The common threads always seem to revolve around online marketing, the video game industry, customer service, storytelling, and all things social (media). That is still pretty broad, I know, but I am a man of very diverse interests. It’s 2011 (as of this update) and I’ve been slacking with my own blog, I know! I am looking to make up for lost time. Here are some of the topics I’m looking to discuss or build upon…

– Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 And The (Fall Of The) Japanese Video Game Industry (I will probably take this one over to DPO to maintain more of a focus here on Y3B)

– Practice What You Preach: Committing To One Blog a Week And Good SEO Practice

– The Free Hugs Campaign: Four Years And One Thousand PLUS Hugs Strong

– The Economy Of Video Games

– Old Is The New New: A Look At Video Game Trends

– Credit: An Archaic System That Screws Americans

– SEO Myths And Practical Tips For The Non-Technically “Little Guys”

Certainly, the release of these articles is contingent upon participation. Currently, social media and social gaming clan content are my hottest topics so I plan to give you more of what you all want. Feed the need, I say!

After much hard thought, TGAP is no more. I’ve decided to focus on more independent efforts to aide in building communities, developing content, designing digital entertainment, and marketing in new, exciting ways. TGAP lives on in spirit right here on Y3B!

The Lesson: In the business game, it’s easy to get caught up in “busy work”. These days I’m trying to get less caught up in the technical side of things and focus more on soft services. I suppose if you had to go with a black-and-white label, call me a Success Coach. I’m the friend that calls it how I see it while always trying to take a true personal interest in what drives you most.

Current Projects
Boredom is unfamiliar to me. I have quite a bit going on at all times. Currently, I am working with an old friend to relaunch a podcast. I have some video games and books on the backburner (those things don’t pay the bills NOW, unfortunately). Here are some of the projects that I am currently developing, writing content for, prototyping/testing, and the like…

iPadHacks.com & Brinked.com: I will be developing quality content for these two affiliated web sites. It is an exciting project for me as I’ll be delving into subject matter I usually don’t pursue. Those of you that know me personally know I am not keen on Apple products but analyzing them as a business is fun. We’ll be focusing on technology, music download trends, tricks and hacks, and marketing.
Y3B Migration: Finally, I have decided that it would be best to migrate to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I’ll likely maintain https://yogizilla.wordpress.com as a redirect domain. I’ve decided I simply can’t live without FTP access, plug-ins, and full control.. I suppose it’s the control freak in me! LOL
Social Gaming Hub: This has been years in the making. I built NoF around the premise of bring gaming back to the masses and redefining what casual gaming really means, without the stigma of casual games being for bored housewives or people that can’t handle 3D games or intense competition. I’ve outlined some of these plans throughout my articles in the Video Games category so check it out and help me brainstorm!
Spark: Based on ARC, a retro-style game with a rich history and addictive gameplay, Spark has done the impossible by improving the game and preserving all the things about ARC that we’ve loved for many, many years. We’re looking for new players so marketing efforts are a FULL GO! It’s a long road ahead and Spark will need more support to materialize the dreams and vision we share.
Risque: This codename represents an overall goal to put out a few web-based games that have Risk mechanics incorporated into them. One will be free and the other will be a premium, pay-to-play, offering. I have some very neat mechanics that I think will create an experience that is not only user-friendly but high on replay value.
Elysium Exile: If you like NiN, PJ Harvey, and/or Radiohead, this web site will fuse some of those styles together on all levels: the art, the music, the writing style… Should be very interesting! Currently, this project is delayed indefinitely until the artist finishes working on her latest album. She’s a perfectionist so it could be five years before we see that completed. Plus she recently had a baby so I’m sure that will keep her quite busy for a while. We miss you, Ariel!
Crossroads: Community hubs and social network sites are huge these days. The market seems saturated but, if you look around, the ones that survive are the ones with a very special culture, deliberate direction, and an exciting story to go with it all. We’re looking to create a community focused on people that are moonlighting creative spirits, looking to break into their passions on a full-time basis. A fusion of geek, artistic, and subculture. Again, with break-through ideas like this, you have to find one consistent message that can easily be passed along by your audience. We are solidifying our marketing plan so that we can build around it, rather than have it as a mere after-thought. This is an auspicious project that will probably be held off until we prime our market with other, more focused web sites. Fast forward to present day (2011), I think there is still a need and a market for this but it’ll be tough to have a successful launch.. We shall see! I’m still considering a simplified approach much along the lines of DrudgeReport and SkimThat. A service that connects us to things that really matter to us without all the hype and fluff that makes us geeks jaded and skeptical.
ORPG Web: I’ve long become dismayed with the many online RPG’s that have very little to do with role-playing. Many of the games are very linear, do not have any compelling stories, and feature gamers that talk OOC (out of character) all the time. This is fine but, for those that want an old-school role-playing experience, I am working on a web-based game that will provide open-ended experiences so that people can focus on the RP and not worry so much about looting, farming, and other annoying mechanics. Text-based and old-school RPGs are still very big so we think this can be a real winner if we can team up with the right folks!

Le Fufu Dossier
(a.k.a. the old text that I just do not have the heart to remove just yet)

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably Googled “Yogizilla” or stumbled across this page somehow. I think it suffices to say that I’m not exactly trying to cover my tracks here. I won’t be updating this page THAT often but feel free to bookmark and return to this page. People change and I’d like to think I am rather dynamic. I’ll probably throw together a selection of my favorite web sites of the moment, as well as some other recommendations (check out the Geeky Reviews section).

Heck, maybe I will even share some random nuggets of wisdom, poetry, and whatever may “perculate” in my noodle. Hope you enjoy it all madly! =o)

CURRENTLY INVADING Twitter, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, Squdioo, Quora (word on the street is that Vark is better), LinkedIn, and other social platforms. Add/follow Yogizilla – your support means a lot to me and I WILL reciprocate!

How’s my “driving”? Call 800-555-EVIAN and let us know (J/K, BTW)! Check out the Contact Yogizilla page here on Y3B so we can team up and make the Internet a better place!

9 thoughts on “About Y3B And Yogizilla

  1. Hi there

    I never comment – ever, but now I have 🙂

    Read a few bits on your blog and I like your writing style. Well done for being informative and interesting – someting rare on the net. I shall return 🙂

    • Hey, Mr. Mouse, where are ya? It may be time to reach out via e-mail and let some folks now Y3B is back and in full effect. I miss you guys. Come back home. ;o)

  2. Haha.. Thanks guys! I had to take a little break from blogging to get some other work done but, boy, it’s always nice to be welcomed by comments and private messages! I have some good stuff in the works so definitely check back in the next couple of weeks!! =oD

  3. My sincerest apologies to all of you!

    Keeping up a blog is tough work and I’m all about quality over quantity! There are things in the pipelines but some projects are pulling me away from you, my beloved readers. I hear down the grapevine that you are getting a blog too, Jayman.. I am excited to read your first blog! 8)

    To everyone that has left me messages, I literally received over 200 comments in the past couple of weeks, out of nowhere, this is not counting the usual spam and commercial-interest stuff.. I’ll get back to everyone ASAP!! =o)

  4. Cheers to you Yomar!!!
    You are really amazing..I will call you ” Yomar the GREAT” I like your writings ever….keep up the good work my friend in SU…
    Keep in touch….

  5. hey Yomar – have you done anything on recruiters and their mark up rates? I am interested to know what is the norm, what’s considered extreme?

    • Sorry for taking so long! I’ve been traveling a good bit and now have moved to beautiful Augusta, Georgia (I was last in San Diego).. In any case, I don’t have anything specifically about that but I have touched upon the topic here and there. Essentially, you can expect a fair recruiter to take away no more than 5% from your base salary. Now, if they are more than your run-of-the-mill contingency recruiter, then you can allow for 10% but I’ve seen as much as 20% to 33% which is why I don’t mess around with recruiters. Most of them do not care what you really want, whether you’re the right fit or if you’ll be happy at the gig/job, or even if you get a good deal so long as they see a nice cut. That’s just the cold, hard truth.

      Now, once in a while you will meet some really great recruiters that will treat you to lunch, hear you out on your life goals and plans, and really work with you on finding the right job. Those kinds of recruiters usually have exclusive bidding rights to select jobs and, thus, do not have the pressure of pushing a sale and settling for their candidates getting raw deals in the end. It’s usually easy to spot the real recruiters. The ones that are too busy to get personal with you or try to tell you that they know where you are “really at in your career” are usually full of crap. Be wary of them.

      A little story… I worked with a recruiter at OTEC who was a total scumbag. He told me that I was only worth 40K and shouldn’t push for more. This was after a couple of months of me saying I was not really sure that the job was right for me and that I was being treated like a newbie when I already had an established track record in the industry. After his probationary period passed and he got his fat check, he bought a big TV and stopped checking up on me. Of course, this lead to his metamorphosis from edifying, encouraging support player to condescending, unhelpful slimeball. I soon proceeded to go onto a job that paid 75K+ with amazing benefits and bonus structure in place. Interestingly enough, he always said he doubted I had such offers on the table and refused to try to work with his more high-end clients for the sake of his “reputation”. I was happy to find the job on my own through my own support network because I later found out my job package would have been in the area of 50-55K had he not shaved off so much.

      I don’t know how true the rumors were but the HR person at my company at the time said this and she had little reason to lie. I mean, she straight-up said, “We paid the recruiter around 20% of your intended compensation package so it’ll be a good year or so before we can talk about a substantial raise.” I’m throwing out some random numbers so pardon me if my math doesn’t add up but that’s just to illustrate the BS you see with mere headhunters. You are better off networking with people and getting to know folks on the inside. You save the company money and you get a little more leverage, but some companies use recruiters as a sort of gatekeeper, which doesn’t always work out too well.

      Interestingly enough, the HR person at my employer at the time moved on because she was tired of company politics and cutting corners. She knew I was underpaid and many of us were getting the shaft. Dealing with questionable and unethical companies made her sick of our company. She moved on and, once I saw all the good people leave, I did too. I never looked back. 8)

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