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Hello world!

My name is Yomar. You can learn more about me on the obligatory About page, which is focused on my core values and mission. This page will help you connect with me in fun and warm, perhaps “intimate” ways (not THAT kind of intimacy – get your head of the gutter, silly)!

My closest friends can tell you I can be a bit difficult to get a hold of, especially if I am in hermit work mode. Here are a few places you may find me, in addition to what a Google search for “Yomar” or “Yogizilla” may show you (I am pretty easy to stalk)…

Follow me, Yogizilla, on Twitter – my Twylah page will show you the wide variety of things I share and discuss. You may also find me on Google+, StumbleUpon, and Squidoo, to name a few. Here are some key links where I hang out:

  • Yogizilla’s Twitch.TV Gaming Channel – Breaking into the video space in full force, you will often find me streaming video game reviews, community events, and gameplays/walkthroughs on Twitch.
  • Yomar Lopez/Yogizilla On YouTube – I mainly focus on playlists and content curation right now but stay tuned for original content about online marketing, relationship building, gaming, etc.
  • The Nipples Of Fate Social Gaming Legacy Site – This is where it all started for NoF. We welcome all geeks and gamers! The site is primarily focused on discussion boards/forums so come on down and chat it up with us!
  • Yogizilla’s StumbleUpon Pseudo-Blog And Social Bookmarks – I love me some StumbleUpon! It takes a great deal of will power not to get hooked on this amazingly fun yet practical way to surf the web.
  • Yogizilla’s Squidoo Lenses – Log on to see all lenses and participate in the Squidoo party!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass Online (DPO) – DPO is more diverse than when we first launched the site. John H. has moved on to new things but DPO lives on. Now there’s more Anime, Manga, and video game content than ever before! Check out our bargains, reviews, and deals, including discount promo codes, beta keys, and FREE games!

You may also find me on GMail and Google Talk. It’s “Name.MyFirst” (Dot) Lopez, where “Name.MyFirst” is substituted by a word starting with the letter “Y”. Let’s see who is paying attention! ;o)

I think that should cover all the bases. I look forward to linking up with all you wonderful geeks, sociable entrepreneurs, and brilliant thinkers!

Contact me on the Services page – let’s team up!

5 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Yomar,

    Did you ever play Travian?

    Email me, dude at stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com. I have some big ideas about how we can save the world.

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