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I’ve gotten quite a bit of useful feedback on my blog so I am creating this page as a way to stay consistent with updates and provide some concise, quix-fix blog entries.  Truly, I understand that not everyone is up for reading a novel every team they pull up their favorite blogs.  This area will also help me gauge what interests everyone the most.

*** June 2011 ***
Residual Google Authority?
As I shift gears from blogging to web design and Internet marketing once again, I am noticing a few web sites with analytics that make me wonder: how DOES Google measure authority? Everyone seems to vary opinions here but the correlation in data would indicate that, once you establish authority in a “niche”, you continue to get traffic for that category, regardless of how much you deviate from that subject matter.

Of course, ranking on a keyword basis is still relevant but this is a significant discovery. After several years of working in the Internet marketing business in some degree or other, it’s interesting to see how much things change yet remain the same. Algorithm rules may change but it still seems like performance over time is still a key driver, as determined by relevance, significance, and popularity.

I’d also like to point out that Dino Dogan may think SEO is over-rated but he is right about keyword-rich domain names getting you on the Google throne. It would seem that Google is looking for more “humanized” web sites. A commitment to specific subject matter and quality content are and will likely remain huge factors when rising or falling in Google SERPs…

*** May 2011 ***
The Urgency Triberr Has Created
I finally got accepted into a Triberr tribe called Birds Of A Feather. Keri was really cool (groovy even) and really honest. She brought up the matter of being casual yet seeming professional. With my interview with Dino Dogan in the works, a lot of things are coming into perspective. I find myself reading more blogs and finding more inspiration. Triberr certainly helps create the urgency in networking and absorbing as much content, if not more, as you create.

Some of the inspirational bloggers I’ve encountered include Dino Dogan, Dan Cristo, Danny Brown, Christian Hollingsworth, Eugene (forget his last name), Daniel Sharpov, and many others. Without Triberr, Twitter, or StumbleUpon, most of this wonderful hidden content would go overlooked. Now I am considering Vark, Empire Avenue, and Klout.. Triberr is certainly a game changer, to say the least! Again, it all goes back to social warm networking: rather than sending cookie-cutter responses out, try to make a real connection with people – it’s worth the time it takes. Call it an investment; better yet, call it being authentic. WAY too many people out there are stuck in old sales and marketing ways so all this quality content is refreshing!

Warm Social Networking
Lately, I had the pleasure of getting to know Dino Dogan of and more intimately. It has opened up a whole new world and created more urgency. Now, more than ever, the power of social networking and media cannot be denied. I’m finding myself reaching out to old friends and new friends alike. The stories being unraveled are truly inspiring, to say the least. This is social networking the way it should be: people making warm connections and truly caring. AWESOME!

The Tool And Fix-Up Phase
Posting from my Blackberry has made productivity easy. I only wish you had more tag, category, and maintenance tools on WordPress for the Blackberry. I’m enjoying Blackberry OS 6.0 but apparently certain apps break on this platform. I was fine with WordPress until I upgraded the mobile app.

Long story short, I’ll be doing some fixes and cleaning up house a bit. I’m also curious if Digg is worth it after all since I’m getting decent referral traffic from that source. Reddit and Delicious seem worth revisiting too…

I’ll be busy tinkering away so please pardon our appearance. 8)

Tying Up Loose Ends
The first week of May has already seen high levels of productivity. We have some geeky Mundane Chatter podcasts lined up along with some new web sites in the works (if seed money continues to sustain our efforts, of course). As usual, the first week of the month features lots of bill paying and client deliverables but I hope to carve out time to tie up loose ends on Y3B, which includes setting up new services and extensions/plug-ins, optimizing categories and tags, publishing article drafts, and doing/sharing some interesting research and statistics. Keep on checking back – I’m UBER stoked!

The DuelPassOnline Pipeline
With so much traffic hitting Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass Online (DPO) daily, it’s clear that there is an urgency to keep the site current. I’m looking for guest bloggers so, if you’re interested, comment or message me on Twitter (info on About Y3B page)! DPO will focus on all things Yu-Gi-Oh, TCG (Tradeable Card Game – i.e. Magic The Gathering, Fluxx, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh!), Anime, Manga, and video game geek. It’s much more of a fun site filled with pictures and goodies for all geeks.

*** April 2011 ***
Y3B: 5 Years And 50 Posts Later:
I’m closing April 2011 with a bang by ramping up blogging efforts across the board. I got tons of content lined up for Y3B, kicking it off with our official 50th post in 5 years! I’ll be looking to get some guest spots in, cross-promote, and re-tool/re-release the most popular Y3B content of all time! May will certainly be another busy and fulfilling month. I am super-excited about all the cool stuff we got going on (the creative minds and geeks at NoF rock my socks).

The next round of site updates and blog entries will focus on social media and networking, establish warm connections and building rapport, succeeding with independent work, the benefits and important of gaming clans and social groups, and tools to make our jobs as master promoters and content marketers easier. PHEW – sure does seem like a lot, eh? I’m back on StumbleUpon and loving Squidoo. In retrospect, quite a bit has changed but content is still king; hence the increased content development/management and marketing efforts!

Don’t forget to check us out on Squidoo. We have a few lenses up (and coming), including The Mundane Chatter Podcast Squidoo Lens. I’ll be adding new links to favorite blogs, affiliates, and related links so keep checking back and bring some friends too!

WFH And The Creative Process:
This month I return to one of my favorite topics: working from home. My “Work From Home Success” series is for anyone looking for more insight into self-employment, independent/consulting/freelance work, surviving tough economic times, and the ubiquitous creative process. I’ll tackle (and revisit) topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Time Management
  • Setting Tasks And Reaching Goals
  • Being Engaging And Cultivating Communities, Networks, And Affiliations
  • Becoming a Master Promoter And Storyteller
  • Cultivating Networks And Communities
  • Dreaming Big
  • Creating The Urgency And Staying Persistent (And Consistent)
  • Discerning Scam From Business Opportunity
  • Pricing And Assessing Value (Is Your Work/Project Worth It?)
  • It’s quite a wide scope of subject matter but it overlaps very well with what I’ve been sharing for the past few years. My work-out partner, Julio, seems to be tackling similar issues so it’ll be fun to see what we can inspire each other to do!

    Hello April:
    As we enter this new month, there are lots of big plans under way. My buddies KiNgDeeM and JulioFromNY have been busy with their own projects and our collaborations (the NoF Monthly eZine and Mundane Chatter Podcast, respectfully), which I am growing to be more heavily involved with myself. It’s to be the busiest month of 2011 yet! Hmmm.. Now we need an epic post to ring in the new month officially!

    *** March 2011 ***

    Procrastination Fascination:
    As a die-hard workaholic, the end of the month is always a busy time. Ironically, part of what I have had lined up is a series dedicated to topics like work-play balance, time management, and effective prioritization. That said, a certain degree of procrastination keeps the mind fresh and stimulated.. Enter digital entertainment. More details regarding my latest distractions available on DPO.

    Pray For Japan:
    It is unfortunate that the tragedy in Japan has become a subject for opportunists and SEO spammers but I’m here to send out my most sincere regards to my Japanese friends overseas.  I’ve been doing little things like supporting Japanese products and tweeting with the hash tag #prayforjapan here and there.  I encourage you all to do the same.

    The scary thing about this tragedy is that the death toll started in the low hundreds and now the count is up in the hundreds of thousands.  We all have to think in a more global scale because this does affect us all.  I know that Japan, if not any other country, has what it takes to pull out of this.  I am impressed by the work ethic shown by the folks over there.  As we speak, Manga and Anime artists and writers continue to put out more content.  Video games are also still in production as well.

    If you’re not religious, keep Japan in your thoughts and, if you believe in greater, unexplainable powers, please pray for Japan.  Stay strong, Japan!  We in NoF are all cheering you on!!

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