Whether you’re just passing by or returning, please leave your mark! Images, quotables, contact info, mini profiles, and the like are all welcome. Go nutty with it – just don’t be mindful of others on here! Shameless plugs and natural links welcome, provided they have some meat to them; that is, you let us know why your link must be clicked. No spam, please. =o]

32 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Hi
    I found that you have linked to me from my Technorati account. Thanks. My blog is “Deliocioso” WoW that’s a first. I think it is a good thing … right? LOL

    I do not see the connection. Never have been linked to by a blog that was not similar to mine. But hey that’s cool. 🙂 I can dig it.

    Stop by and see me sometime. 🙂

  2. We’re all similar in some way! I think we share a general worldview, though our topics may differ. A more personal message sent your way by way of e-mail… Exciting times! ^_^

  3. Oreo,
    Do you want to make more money than you could ever imagine? Well I know how you could. You just sell big ol’ jars of the cream! To heck with the cookies! Nobody likes those. And I’m not joking! Everyone I ask says that my idea is great! So do us all a favor and give us what we want, THE CREAM!!!

  4. I would really like to know is Market America a BIG Scam and a pyrmid scheme. All I find is negative things on the search net, could someone help me out

  5. Nice blog.
    I´m doing a pretty similar thing in Argentina: mixing business with main interests (communication, technology, writing).
    Please let me know if I can be of any help.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, Kolyiken! I’ll definitely keep you in mind as there are some collaboration opportunities on the horizon. For now, we’re pretty much being hush-hush about it all. ;o)

    Kristal… Hmmmm… I have a few ideas on whom you may be but those are the sort of loaded questions that get people in trouble! I’m glad you are enjoying your stay, though… E-mail me and telll me who you are. Do not make me hack you! LOL.. Kidding!

    Lots of great comments. I sent some of you some e-mail messages before. Hope the spam blockers did not stop ’em. Anywho, oreo cream by itself sounds so nasty at first but, again, I think it can sell. I’d buy it too, maybe even make a pool full of it!

    Market America seems fishy to me and I will say it again. Add TEAM to the list of fishy business opportunities. Sites like,, and are pretty good for giving you the information on business opportunities of the sort but, like any other source, be wary of possible biases… Of the bad kind!

    Hope that helps! *waves at everyone*

  7. Just dropped in Commando style to see what your website is like. Or should I say blog? Either way, I like what I see so keep it up!

  8. Hey guys, LTNS!
    I see alot of familiar names.

    Yogz, you still doing the SEO thing?
    We had a minor setback before, but I have something you might be interested in. Give me a buzz.

    • LTNS! I sure do but it’s not merely SEO. We offer a complete marketing solution. People that departmentalize SEO, web design, marketing, and the like usually don’t realize just how connected they all are so we try to bridge the gap. TGAP.. Get it? I thought it was kinda clever myself. =oP

      Setbacks happen. We’ll touch base soon. My cell phone is still the same. Text or tweet me. 8)

  9. Hello! I am known as Rose. I saw you while shopping for a camera. I would like to feature your bloggings/podcast on my website if it is okay with you. I believe my base would enjoy such lighthearted thoughts.

  10. Hey Rose! Yes, I remember ya. It was fun chatting with ya and giving you the technical low-down on our product line. That’s my part-time job but I so do enjoy techie chat. Feel free to post excerpts and backlinks pointing to my blogs. I’m all about online syndication and collaboration! 8)

    • Definitely bro!

      I’m thinking next week may work out better so we can Skype and prepare some discussion points via Google Docs. It’ll be a more natural flow too since I will be starting a new podcast with @stjohnmarketing (a.k.a. James St. John).

      Of course, we may be able to squeeze something in Friday or Saturday. Just need to get some other stuff in line. I’m looking to do more ebooks, including a mini-one I hope to release this week.

      It’ll give us more stuff to chat about, including some of your recent comments right here on Y3B (the insight you shared on the concept of #digitalfootprints was brilliant)! 8)

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