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My Grab Bag is a collection of random stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else but, primarily, I’d like it to be a mail bag of sorts. Got a topic you’d like to discuss and/or revisit? Tweet me at @Yogizilla using the hash tag #grabbag – be sure to include mentions for my cohorts (@juliofromny and @kingdeem inclusive) so we can get a big discussion going. If it really takes off, we can use “Tweet Storm” and other widgets to track the ongoing discussion on Squidoo and other social platforms!

Why This Page?
I decided to do this again cause it had a great response the last time I did it, many years ago. It’s basically a mail bag on crack… How it works: you mail me about a topic and I discuss it here or on the main page (depending on how relevant it is). I’ll feature your feedback on here as well if you’re too lazy to leave comments. Last but not least, I’ll include snippets from other people. I’ll keep them anonymous, where appropriate, so no one gets their nipples in a knot!

Future Expansion
I’m looking to set up my own domain so my new e-mail address will likely be – I’m looking to get or something to that effect! For now, find me on Facebook or Twitter.. It’s like an Easter egg hunt! =oD

Thank goodness for e-mail scammers.

People just do not e-mail as much as they used to, which limits my material here on the Grab Bag.  If you visit DPO, you’ll find a fun e-mail from possibly the world’s WORST e-mail scammer.  It may not be safe for work so I’m giving you a heads up there.  I think it’s worth a few chuckles. =o]


Good blogging and content development requires URGENCY!
Apparently, my failure to follow my own advice has resulted in some sub-par blog performance. This is no surprise since I mainly maintain this blog out of the love of writing and pursuing knowledge/wisdom but I know I have disappointed my audience.. I plan to rectify this by creating the urgency. In this area you will find my blog stats and other goodies…

February 2011 Site Stats:

The Top Yogizilla Blog Searches for Valentine’s Day

  1. hugs
  2. anime sales guy
  3. managed staffing scam
  4. marketing toothbrushes
  5. is job recruiters bad
  6. augusta auto auction
  7. promo oreo
  8. improve clan leadership and playing black ops
  9. marketing of a toothbrush

Observations: Seems like, even on holidays, people are wary about scams, so-called recruiters, and local businesses. I’ll try to provide random checks each month so we can establish some trending data!
The Top Yogizilla Blog Searches of All Time

  1. hugs
  2. hug
  3. contra xbox 360
  4. free hug
  5. hug day
  6. social network diagram
  7. douchebag boyfriends
  8. running a clan
  9. toothbrush
  10. social media diagram
  11. toothbrush marketing
  12. sales person
  13. how to run a gaming clan
  14. augusta auto auction
  15. tank wars
  16. salesperson cartoon
  17. heavy weapon ps3
  18. how to create a gaming clan
  19. perceived value marketing
  20. blackberry javelin
  21. clan leadership
  22. how to start a gaming clan
  23. modern communication
  24. how to become a good recruiter
  25. bad recruiters
  26. need hug
  27. popcap games

Observations: Gamers UNITE! I’m particularly excited to see my buddies over at PopCap Games popping up, if you’ll pardon the pun, on my blog. To think, I knew these guys when their humble beginnings had them tending to a little-known game known A.R.C. (now Spark).
The Most Generous Referrers and Affiliates (THANK YOU!)


Observations: If you want something done, do it yourself? o_O

The Most Popular Pages & Articles on Y3B

  1. Home page
  2. Microsoft Brings Out SECRET WEAPON B: Premium Price Drops & XBox Elite
  3. Toonami Ten-Year Anniversary
  4. Digg, StumbleUpon, Web 2.0, Social Media – Why Should YOU Care?
  5. Running a Gaming Clan: Leadership Lessons from a Newb
  6. A Dilbert Lesson: Absenteeism and Employee Motivation
  7. Little-Known Ways To Become An Expert Recruiter
  8. Free Hug Day and The Need For Warm Connections
  9. Microsoft Reminds Us Why They Suck: XBox LIVE Outages and Poor Customer Service
  10. Finding the Perfect Toothbrush: A Lesson in Marketing
  11. Bad Recruiters, Identity Theft, and What To Do About It
  12. Microsoft’s Majestic Marketing – Halo 3 Zero Hour
  13. Blackberry Upgrade Woes & Smartphone Tips
  14. Net Neutrality – Modern Communication’s Last Stand!
  15. Oreo Double Stuff Race – You Guys Win!!!

Observations: It looks like my primary audience is just as geeky and random as I am! There are some underlying themes. Modern marketing, tech news, and geek/gamer “sub-culture” content (Anime, Microsoft XBox 360, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, DSi, and things of the sort) is always the most popular.

Fun Facts About Y3B

  • In 2007, I made’s Blog of the Day list and was one of the Top 100 Growing Blogs (if memory serves me right).
  • My top referrers right now are other sites that I own.. I really need to get some more supporters!
  • People are really stingy about linking to other sites, even blogs, whether you try to exchange or even buy the links.. Pffft!
  • I am an admin and guest blogger on several WordPress blogs, which is likely why I neglect my own (I’m sorry, lil buddy).

Special thanks to Evie for this little gem!

Here’s a little convo I had just earlier with one of my dearest friends in the whooooooooole, wiiiiiiiiiiide wooorrrrrrrrld (she’s also a major pain in my culo). It’s interesting to see how some of my fellow men interact with women. It’s no wonder that women turn to other women for pleasuring – J/K!

Seriously, though: guys like this give us a bad name… (The following is NOT for the faint-hearted.)

crzybeutflboricua: r u on?
Yogizilla: Nope. =o)
crzybeutflboricua: oh okay
crzybeutflboricua: then let me know when u are, casue i wanna copy paste something to ya
Yogizilla: Okie. I’m on. =oP
crzybeutflboricua: aww, thanks!
crzybeutflboricua: some weirdo IMs me out of the blue and said this:

crzybeutflboricua: roxinct: nice, got a bf?
crzybeutflboricua: no, not currently
roxinct: you are pretty
crzybeutflboricua: i think so too, but…i dunno, lol
roxinct: so, tell me something
crzybeutflboricua: crzybeutflboricua: what’s that?
roxinct: how big are you breasts
crzybeutflboricua: are u seriously asking me this?!
roxinct: why not
crzybeutflboricua: b/c that doesn’t matter to u
crzybeutflboricua: u have cool potential til u asked that, ugh i’m so turned off now!
roxinct: well sorry about your expectations
crzybeutflboricua: what the flip!?! like who does that?!?

Yogizilla: ROFL
Yogizilla: Hmmm.. Guys that like BBW tend to want big breasts. That guy was obviously more overt about his intentions tho. ROFL
crzybeutflboricua: geesh, he could had atleast waited til chat no. 2, maybe then i’d tell him
crzybeutflboricua: lol
Yogizilla: LOL
Yogizilla: The rules of engagement no longer matter. It’s all about expedited services.
crzybeutflboricua: there’s no winning in this industry!
crzybeutflboricua: lol
Yogizilla: Instant coffee, speed dating, roller blading, puck slapping, juice lapping, Starbucks, The Minute Men.. You get the point!
crzybeutflboricua: then the funny part is, when i said my last comment, he stopped talking to me, like I OFFENDED HIM!!
crzybeutflboricua: u should blog about this, this is some good material, lol!
Yogizilla: LOL!!!
Yogizilla: I think I will!!!
Yogizilla: =oD
Yogizilla: Subject “What.. No instant gratification??”
Yogizilla: I’ll also put it on my WordPress blog. =oD
crzybeutflboricua: lol
crzybeutflboricua: have a field day Yogi, have a field day!

What a great conversationalist this dude is! Conversely, I’ve known women that cut straight to the chase and asked questions like…

* <!–[endif]–>How big is your cock? (Leave my rooster alone!)

* How big is your bank account?

* Do you have a [nice] car?

* How much money do you make [a week]?

These are the times that make the use of a buzzer very tempting… BRRR!!! DO NOT pass GO, DO NOT collect $200, DO NOT contact me again. Thanks for playing!

SOURCE: and keep the laughs, nuggets, and fun coming!

(If the above link gives you a hard time, try to connect with me, Yogizilla, on MySpace directly.)

NOTE: Due to the amount of spam via e-mail and MySpace, Twitter may be a good bet. I follow most people that follow me so just do a @Yogizilla mention and I’ll get back to you ASAP! =o)

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    • Indeed.. But I addressed this already. Thanks to P90X, I’ve gone down two cup sizes and now I am a millionaire.. NOT! Ah yes.. Got to love the good ‘ol Grab Bag fun. Now we just need folks to ask questions on Twitter using hash tag #grabbag so we can get some more random discussions going! ;o)

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