Meet The GANG: Gaming Death Podcast & EP 100 Party On June 12th 2014! #E32014 #E3Live #E3

Breaking News!

We have live coverage on the @GeekyAntics Twitter and site.  Tonight, June 10th 2014, at around 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) we’ll be doing a special E3 show with the Gaming Death Podcast.

E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo - E3 2014 #E3Live

Big things going on.  Come join the GANG for #E3Live fun.  So far, I’m most enjoying the small studio and indie releases.  I dig what Microsoft is doing with the ID@XBox program.  Any time us little guys have a chance to level the playing field, that is exciting news to me!

Project Spark is particularly intriguing.  This is a sandbox game that actually allows you to create your own games.  Will this be like RPG Maker Ace VX or will it be more akin to Sony’s Little Big Planet?  Competition is heating up and it’s GREAT!

More E3 Coverage Here

Special thanks to the Gaming Death Podcast and for keeping us updated on all the latest video game news.  Even if you’re not into gaming, this technology and the game mechanics of it all are worth checking out.  E3 is, after all, a marketer’s wet dream, no?

So, what have you enjoyed of the #E32014 reveals so far?

Meet The GANG: Gaming Death Podcast & EP 100 Party On June 12th 2014! #E32014.

Curse Of Naxxramas June 3rd Release Date? #YOHTAI

The cards are alive with the sound of roars!

Hearthstone is taking the Internet by storm.  Chances are you are not a “gamer” per se but you have played or at least heard of it.  The iPad app has brought Hearthstone to the masses and remains a featured app with a MetaCritic rating of around 88-95 on any given day..  and it’s “just” a card game!

If you have been keeping tabs on Hearthstone, it may be worth noting that the first expansion, Curse Of Naxxramas, may come as soon as June 3rd 2014 (trust me.. June 3rd is a VERY educated “guess”).  This expansion will introduce new cards, fresh game mechanics, and a deep single-player experience perfect for less competitive players.  Regardless of the definitive release date, Naxxramas is gonna be awesome.  Summer 2014 is gonna be the Summer of Hearthstone!

What excites me about this game beyond the marketing opportunities is the fact that this game is truly accessible.  Blizzard knows how to develop games that are fun and easy to learn.  Their properties become staples of geek and even mainstream culture.  Heck, Hearthstone is still new and already tournaments are popping up with hundreds of thousands in prizes! #BlizzCon

Hearthstone follows the same tradition of accessibility and pervasiveness.  It is simple while offering tons of replay value and depth.  The layers of mastery are very satisfying indeed.  Hearthstone is omnipresent.  Do not resist.  Give it a try.

Join us at #YOHTAI – Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern And Inn!

Ye Olde #Hearthstone Tavern and Inn #YOHTAI Issue No. 3.

2013 In Review: Never Work.. Do What You LOVE!

Seeing how it’s been a very busy year for me and I haven’t done much writing on any of my sites (I know, shame on me), I figured I would share my 2013 In Review report with you all along with some advice for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike.  The stats are not by any means stellar unless you consider that I have been posting to this blog about 1-3 times a month whereas in previous years I updated weekly, if not daily (it was quite a grind alongside everything else).  This year, I’ve been testing the waters further with audio and video..  I am enjoying myself much more, even though I love to write.

Interestingly enough, while I have scaled back social media efforts and blogging here, I have been posting more regularly to my Yogizilla-branded Tumblr and, where I mainly share fun geeky stuff like gaming and anime.  The response has been great, which has shown me that this marketing/business space is rather crowded and I really need to focus more on my roots: gaming and technology..  As well as creative writing.  Expect just that in 2014!

Now for the recap!  The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.  I hear the monkeys are trained properly, thus very little fecal matter has been transferred to the reports.  Good to know – poop is only good in controlled environments or with proper presentation..  Just ask Sony or Apple (sorry, I could not resist).

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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XBox Or PS4? Why It Does Not Really Matter

Soooo… The burning question these days people have for me is this:

Are you or should I get? XBox One or PS4?


For now, I say neither. That was my opinion months ago and it will be my stance a year from now. I originally drafted this article when we started to see real demos of the PS4 and XBox One.

I find the launch titles are uninspiring. Call of Duty is old hat and I want to milk Battlefield 3 Premium before upgrading. Racing games and sports? I will pass.

Not enough for you? Let’s go through it point by point.

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Jackie Chan Is NOT Dead: Internet Hoaxes & Lazy Content Marketing


A few days ago, my oldest son told me Jackie Chan was dead. Naturally, my immediate reaction was great sadness and a feeling of immense loss. Like most other red-blooded males, I love kung-fu flicks and often annoy my significant other with them. I also love Jackie Chan as an actor, director, and person. That’s besides the point, though.. Jackie Chan’s death would be the worst celebrity loss since Michael Jackson, in my opinion.

There is an awesome success story too deep to discuss here (Wikipedia has a wealth of history and it is mostly on-point, if you are curious). My love for Jackie Chan runs pretty deep, and I don’t idolize celebrities like most. He possesses traits and core values similar to my own and, in many ways, I aspire to be half the man he is. Jackie’s antics, warm smile, and quirky personality are enchanting, as Guy Kawasaki would say. His sense of humor is tops, which is something my wife would say I lack, in spite of my own beliefs. *smirk*

Being a bit of a Jackie Chan fan boy, I could not simply accept this news at face value. A quick Google search for “Jackie Chan death” revealed that it was yet another Internet hoax. I was relieved and annoyed at the same time.

Are people so devoid of original ideas that their content must be limited to mere pandering and silly hoaxes/stunts? That’s a rhetorical question, BTW.

This is not by any means the only or last Jackie Chan Internet death hoax. It seems anyone who wants site traffic or attention simply panders by writing about celebrity gossip, famous deaths, and silly pop culture. Some may consider Jackie Chan’s sense of humor or comedy style rather corny or over-simplified.. But he is still far more entertaining than most online content today. Truth.

Sadly, there is more to this story. Part of the issues here is that social media and SEO will always be abused. That means there is a lot of junk and lies spreading around! I blame laziness mainly.


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Google Hummingbird & What It Means For SEO, Content, And Inbound Marketing


On the evening of Google’s 15th birthday back in September 2013, Google announced the Hummingbird update for search. For some, this was earth-shattering news for some and completely missed by others. Many have not so much as blinked, either because they think of SEO as irrelevant or they don’t see how significant this news really is. Google Hummingbird is the first major algorithm change, a complete search engine overhaul, in 12 years!

This means Google Hummingbird will impact everyone online, not just SEOs, online marketers, and techies.

Hummingbird is not just news because it involves mega corporation Google. This is not the death of SEO some predict (not happening), either. It’s much bigger than that. But enough build-up…

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SteamOS, Next-Gen Gaming Consoles, And The Future Of The Gaming Industry


Yesterday’s massive response to Valve’s SteamOS announcement confirmed many of our predictions and expectations but, more importantly, it showed us that there is still a gaping hole in the gaming industry. With countless gamers looking forward to the XBox One and PS4, there are still many of us wondering if this next generation of gaming is really going to bring us anything new. SteamOS has addressed those concerns but Valve still has two more huge announcements to make.

Before I get into predictions and speculations, I would like to address the next-gen console war as I usually do here. From there, we can jump into what is confirmed and what we hope is next. The implications here go well beyond gaming as we see some major innovations in technology and shifts from pure gaming to multi-purpose computing systems.


Why XBox One, Wii U, And PS4 Have Already Failed

Now that the silly debates over always-on, always-connected DRM and used game limitations are behind us (thank goodness), we can finally focus on the heart of the next-gen console wars. To me, your gaming console of choice boils down to a few simple core issues:

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SOPA: Why And How We Can End This Internet Threat!

SOPA and PIPA aim to destroy the global economy, our freedom, and the Internet as we know it.

SOPA and PIPA aim to destroy the global economy, our freedom, and the Internet as we know it.

Do you consider the Internet an indispensable resource for personal and/or business purposes?

Well, SOPA aims to destroy the Internet as we know it.

Now, before eyes start to roll, know that political discussions and causes are not the usual fare on Y3B but this issue hits home for all of us, much like the SaveTheInternet (a.k.a. Net Neutrality) cause I promoted years ago.  In the United States, we take for granted just how good we really have it.  We have access to so many tools, games, and great information in our unadulterated Internet but not everyone around the world is so lucky.

Just look at China, where the Internet is all spin and lies.

In simple terms, SOPA serves small interest, not the good of the general public.  If nothing else, the proposal of deep packet inspection (invasion of privacy) and blocking on a link, IP, and domain basis is scary stuff.  This bill would give large corporations too much control over the Internet, while putting a great risk on our personal privacy and security.  Most sources indicate that the blocking would be strictly on a domain basis, which would not do much to curb piracy but certainly have an impact on the millions of businesses out there..  and the consumers that depend on them.

Note that, whether bans will be temporary or not, IP or domain-based, the impact will be great to not just businesses, but non-profit organizations that are trying to educate, provide aide, and the like.  SOPA and PIPA would not only be a greater blow to our struggling economy, but it will send the whole world into disarray at the cost of our freedom, no less.  All this to maybe dissuade some software and media pirates.

In other words, SOPA and PIPA are aimed at protecting intellectual property but are ineffective in doing so.  Instead, this will open the doors to poor business practices that will put our privacy, freedom, and livelihood at risk.  Seems like a high price to pay, eh?

SOPA no es bueno.  No me gusta.

I have a simple call to action here today: check out these links and spread the word.  Tweet about it, blog about it, post to Facebook or Google+, share via StumbleUpon..  Whatever works for you!  But don’t sit by idly as corrupt decision-makers try to control how we consume information, connect, and communicate, just for their personal gain!

  • – This article provides arguably the most comprehensive look at why this issue matters so much.. and why we all need to take action.  Every effort matters!  Thank you, Copyblogger, for spreading the word on SOPA and PIPA.  You guys do such a great job and are a great hope to all us online entrepreneurial types!
  • – An action center that aims to put a stop to SOPA before it goes up for “vote” on January 24th, 2012.  Even if you’re not in America, this issue has global implications we all should be aware of..  and it goes well beyond censorship concerns.
  • – The Wikipedia document is contested as biased but it seems pretty darn accurate to me and there are plenty of other sources to check out so you can be more informed on the core issues here.

As you can see, just about any online entity sees the potential damage the passing of this bill would cause.  The Internet has been a great equalizer for small businesses, giving consumers more options than ever before.  SOPA would essentially force us to do business with and learn from only approved sources.

*** Important Dates ***

January 18, 2012 – Internet Black-Out SOPA Protest
January 24, 2012 – SOPA Gets Denied (With Your Help)

We MUST stop SOPA as it stinks like aged cheese..  and it’s nowhere as appetizing!

(BTW, I’ve already written Congress and tweeted about it..  But I know we can do so much more together!)

Exclusive #Triberr Feature Previews & The #NJAB Podcast Behind The Scenes

Not Just Another Business Podcast

The #NJAB (Not Just Another Business) Podcast is on PodOmatic!

We’ve been going CRAZY with our new #NJAB Podcast (and it’s the reason that I may seem detached these days, along with some video games that have made it easier to unplug and have more “me” time).  The community support has been amazing with Christopher “Merchant of NYC” Flores, Klaudia Jurewicz, and fellow podcaster James Pruitt becoming huge advocates and keeping our live chats bustling.  We’ve had many guests to date and many more to come.  We want to talk to all small business owners, tech geeks, budding starti_ps, indie game designers, and little-known creatives.  It’s great fun and we can learn a lot from each other!

If you’re a small business owner, tech geek, indie game developer, or little-known creative, give us a shout on Twitter.  Mention @stjohnmarketing, @NJABpodcast, and @yogizilla on Twitter, using hash tag #NJAB to keep the conversation going!

I’d like to give some behind-the-scenes insight and share some exclusive details about upcoming Triberr features and the vision behind it all.  But where do I even start?  I mean, we had some amazing conversations and SO much has been covered.. Yet so much more is left to touch upon and revisit.

At this time, we have over 10 #NJAB podcast episodes live in just a few weeks. We have a few “in the bank” too. In fact, we took a little break last week to focus on project work, prepping new show notes, reaching out to potential guests, and promoting existing Not Just Another Business Podcast episodes. No worries, we’ll likely start recording again as early as tonight, Monday October 10th, 2011!

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