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Hello fellow geeks let’s TEAM UP! Teamwork - Let's Succeed Together #supportathon

The Support-A-Thon continues.. Teamwork, teamwork!

UPDATE:  I’ll be re-sending this page via Buffer, StumbleUpon, and Triberr.  Come join us and feature your best content (try to keep it to one #backlink at a time so we can stay focused).  Just leave a comment with a detailed review and a link, then we’ll help you promote your stuff.  Remember to use hash tag #supportathon when tweeting or blogging about this wonderful collaborative effort!

Today, I want to step up the Support-A-Thon effort by inviting you all to share your shameless plugs right here on Y3B!

That’s right – submit your links here for FREE using the comments!

What’s the catch?

All we ask in return is that you hand-pick some of the links in this post to share with your friends and via your social networks.  This part is important because broadcasting shares and messages usually doesn’t work.  That includes sharing on your Facebook wall, Google stream, Twitter timeline, etc.

The purpose of this here Support-A-Thon is to engage your closest friends and supporters – those are your real influencers!

Please read on for some tips to make this work and more details about my own guest article promotion in our Support-A-Thon

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What’s Over At Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass Online? Brink First Impressions, Rin Anime Review, And MORE!

I’ll be focusing on project work and trying to play Brink and Mass Effect 2 “Arrival” in between for the next several days so here’s a look at what’s over at Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass Online. I hope you find DPO extra fun and geeky!

First and foremost, check out my Brink for the XBox 360 review. We talk about some of the smart moves Splash Damage has made to build upon their success with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Bethesda has infused Brink with the RPG elements they are known for. Teaming up with Splash Damage has made Brink into a story-driven co-op experience with dynamic gameplay centered around objectives and smart teamwork. It’s definitely worth a look (I LOVE Brink, BTW)! I also touch upon the game on The Mundane Chatter Podcast if you’d like to give that a listen!

If Anime and Manga is more your bag, check out our Rin discussion. Rin is a great Anime aimed more at mature audiences. This piece is NSFW nor is it safe for kids. Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

DPO’s piece on Rin paves a path for more adult themes, including a look at the sexy (or SEKSY) universe of the Mass Effect series. There’s plenty of eye candy on the way. On the more kid-friendly side of things, I will revisit Yu-Gi-Oh! with our coming box buster and a review of current Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG online games. I skipped out on the motorcycle riding stuff (for now) so we’ll see how the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship for the Nintendo DS stacks up to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX alternative and, my current favorite, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels for the XBox 360. There’s definitely a lot of geeky stuff in the pipelines!

Check us out over at Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass Online (DPO) and let us know what you think! For now, I’ll be going AFK (sorta)…

Modern Marketing: SEO/SMO Tips And Tricks For The Non-Techie Geeks

Before I proceed, I wanted to mention that the battle for Net Neutrality rages on. Subscribe to the Free Press newsletter to see why this matters. In a few words, privatizing the Internet (going against Net Neutrality) will make it harder for us little guys to stay competitive and making a living. That puts this article into perspective because SEO/SEM and SMO help people with little or no budget dollars get their “thing” discovered.

Be wary of black and purple-hatted quacks!

There are plenty of quacks out there and it only feeds into the whole vibe that online marketing, especially SEO and SMO, is a black art. Truth be told, the non-technical part of SEO and SMO alike are where you want to focus anyway. Nowadays, we see a paradigm shift whereas search engines are rewarding quality content and natural promotions as opposed to ranking keyword-crammed, hacked-up junk high. Continue reading

The Perils Of Reinventing The Wheel: How Tools And Reusable Code/Content Build Loyalty And Efficiency

In the computer programming world, the old adage “reinventing the wheel” is used often. Programming veterans and code monkeys alike learn early that reinventing the proverbial wheel is often a foolish endeavor. Google it and you’ll see. People tend to get frustrated when their favorite software gets changed or “tweaked”, especially if the real issues are not addressed. These unexpected updates to games, apps, and tools we’ve grown attached to tend to create great WTF moments. Essentially, the wheel is reinvented and no real value-added is achieved.

The frustration of seemingly pointless updates extends to content as a whole, blogs included. Let’s say your audience (business customers, sales leads, gaming clan/guild members, readers, fans, etc.) is used to forums or discussion boards as the primary means of communication. You launch a separate forums site, eZine, mailing list, blog, or what-have-you. Now you notice that you don’t have as much participation or, even worse, little or no people are visiting or consuming your new content. What gives?

Let’s explore some of the considerations in service and site launches and updates alike, as well as online trends and habits that impact web site and online service performanceContinue reading

Y3B’s 50th Post And My Plans As A Writer, Gamer, And Entrepreneur

Hey guys and gals: this is my 50th post on Y3B – WOOHOO!

Now it may not seem like much to the more prominent bloggers, writers, social media rockstars, and master promoters out there but I’m pretty darn excited! I started Y3B as a sort of hobby but, when I realized just how much I love blogging as an extension of my passions in writing, marketing, video games, and creative pursuits thereof, I saw the urgency in ramping up my efforts. Here I am, world!

Prepare for one of my usual long-winded ramblings but, please, let me know if you can relate!

Finding The Perfect Balance In Blogging: Making A Living While Remaining Authentic

One thing I’ve tried to do, almost to a fault, is provide very detailed articles with little or no “content borrowing”. This is a raw, sometimes chaotic, all-original blog and, if I may say so, it’s more than most of the junk out there. Sadly, I don’t have the numbers to show for it but that is my fault. The problem I’ve also discovered is that, in covering all the bases, I leave little left to discuss. Considering the aforementioned, a big focus for me and all “creative engineers” is engaging our audience in ongoing conversations (in other words, retaining our visitors).

Blogging, like many creative ventures (i.e. video game and web design), is a delicate balancing act. We are charged with the responsibility of managing expectations and delivering on our promises. Our readers come to us because they found something they like and to NOT continue building upon that is a wasted effort, whether you’re trying to monetize or just do it for the love and passion of the experience. To that end I say, “Why can’t you do both?” Continue reading

Google EVIL Panda Algorithm Update: Even Greater Urgency For Us Little Guys

UberGizmo recently posted an awesome article about the terrible Google Panda Algorithm Update (thanks to site owner, Will H, for sharing). To say the least, this article was not a good birthday present for me. April 19th 2011 could very well mark a turning point for all of the Internet.
The news about Google’s search engine changes comes with some revelations I’ve gathered over the past few years, especially recently. Several sources indicate that around 70 to 99% of (search engine) traffic goes to 1 to 5% of the web sites out there. Whatever the actual numbers are, the lesson remains the same: us little guys are in a real hard place. The minds behind Triberr, a service which helps like-minded people promote their Internet “things”, say that this is a shame because some of the best content can be found outside of “the top”, which I agree with wholeheartedly!

The problem here is that the Google (EVIL) Panda Algorithm Update essentially rewards technically-savvy web sites that lack creativity, heart, and innovation. As UberGizmo so effectively illustrated, someone can take original content, not even crediting the source, and out-rank the originator. WTF?

Google EVIL Panda

Is Google the big bad bear now?


I already had plans to ramp-up my creative efforts and create greater urgency for my fellow writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs but now we REALLY have to motivate! With these new rules in play, what can small businesses, bloggers, and innovators do? I have a few ideas… Continue reading

Persistence: Keeping The Creative Momentum Going When Blogging or Writing

A few weeks ago my colleague and close friend, Julio From NY, tweeted and used a peculiar hash tag (something to the effect of #oneaweek2011).  At first, I thought it was some sort of diet program or strange New Year’s resolution.  It turns out it was referring to a challenge at The Daily Post on

While I could very well do “one post a day” I think the challenge takes the focus away from quality and leans more towards quantity.  No bueno.  One A Week makes sense.  As an SEO and SMO-minded web designer, copywriter, and editor on various fronts, the perfectionist in me dictates that I do not post anything that is at least somewhat interesting and has something for curious web searches to stumble upon.

Here I am trying to stick to this challenge.  I already mentioned I am involved on various fronts so this will be tough for me.  While I know I preach that you have to stay persistent as a blogger or you will lose your audience, it’s tough to do so when you also do freelance writing and try to sell, syndicate, or share other content via different distribution channels.  One post a week means you have more people returning more often.  When people see your commitment, they will be more likely to share your content with others!

I have several things in the pipeline for my blog here on WordPress.  I hope to syndicate some content and get some quality backlinks going too.  Some of the topics I wish to discuss include latest video game releases (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Dead Space 2, for example), the state of the video game industry, the economy of gaming, current projects I am working on, and, of course, random rants and raves thereof.  I invite you all to brainstorm your ideas now and stay persistent.  Don’t lose momentum!

If you’re doing the One A Week 2011, post on my comments and/or guestbook – I’ll be sure to add you to my blogroll and promote your featured articles whatever way I can!  If you run out of ideas, maybe we can brainstorm together too.  I’m never without ideas..  Just need to carve out more time.  Good thing I have this handy-dandy WordPress app for my Blackberry Bold – now I can blog on-the-go!

I’m really passionate about writing.  Specifically, blogging is a great way to learn more about topics you are truly interested in, while writing in a manner that is fun and fresh.  In fact, I find out so many interesting things in my SEO research, Wiki lookups, and random reading that I find myself overwhelmed by the many topics to write about.  My hopes are to focus more and more on writing and game design, my biggest passions in life.  Part of that will be moving my WordPress blog to a self-hosted setup.  I’m excited!  Let’s do this OneAWeek2011 FTW!

One A Week / One A Day BLOG CHALLENGE 2011

Think you have what it takes to stay persistent with your blogging efforts? Leave a comment on this article and get a badge for yourself!

Tech Tips: Blackberry Upgrade Woes & Smartphone Tips

First and foremost, I would like to emphatically state that I am not, NOT an iPhone fanboy.  In fact, I pretty much detest all touch-screen phones.  That being said, I may get a free G1 as part of a the perks of a new gig I am doing so please don’t consider me a hypocrite.  I love Blackberry because, as many RIM (Research In Motion) enthusiasts will tell you, when you get a smartphone you either buy a toy or you buy a tool.  The iPhone falls into the foremost and the Blackberry is definitely more in the latter category (BTW, as of 2010, I have a Blackberry 9700 and I love it.. No more pesky trackball!)

Of course, like with any powerful computing tool or data device, there are technical issues, hidden costs, and routine maintenance to be considered.  Blackberrys have become a lot more clunky as they have become more mainstream and loaded with bells-n-whistles.  The more capabilities you get, the more possible issues you introduce.  That’s just how the metaphorical cookie crumbles, it would seem.

All I can say is that I am a very happy Crackberry user.  My love affair with RIM started back in the PALM IIIx days, when Blackberrys were very simple and strictly business.  A client of mine, an investment/venture capital bank going by the acronym TWCO at the time, gave me a RIM mainly because they wanted a leash on me and couldn’t afford to pay me for all the work I did for them (go figure).  I knew it was a trick but, hell, what self-respecting tech geek will turn down a free gadget??  Certainly not I!

Sleek, streamlined, and seksy..  Blackberry is business power with style!

Sleek, streamlined, and seksy.. Blackberry is business power with style!

Well, I am here to provide fair warning to anyone considering getting any sort of Blackberry or smartphone.  If you are not particularly tech savvy and you do not have spare money laying around, stick to a pseudo-smartphone (something that your carrier does not require to get an expensive “data package” with perhaps).  My Blackberry, as resilient as it has been (it survived an extended dip in the pool back when I lived in San Diego), finally crapped out and through no fault of my own… Continue reading