ReElise: A retro, Hip Hop, Christian RPG

Stan Faryna speaks about ReElise (the indiegame not the film festival) and the message of hope that’s delivered in both the game’s story and the journey Justin Fox has embarked upon.

We at the GeekyAntics Network have helped take many #funding intiatives from zero to hero. The challenge with crowdfunding on Kickstarter is that you have to identify the audience and need that exists today before you can build up a new movement or push for high-concept projects.

There are many things we’ve learned in our support for this project and others like it. Specifically, the #Christianvideogame space is quite barren. If you do a search, most of the results are unrelated, negative, or unremarkable.

What this tells us is that this is truly a ground level opportunity. That’s exciting! We have an underdog story in the making but that also means this is the phase where things will be the hardest. One thing I urge content creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs about is this: don’t let negativity stop you.

The more pushback you get, the more people doubt what you’re doing, the more audiences don’t click with your idea.. That’s all good because, if it’s plain to see, the opportunity isn’t really there. The “trick” to marketing is bridging that gap between your vision and the actual need; that is, adjusting your messaging so that it clicks with people without compromising what makes it unique.

Being at the ground level and on the cusp of something bigger than ourselves is scary. It’s easy to jump on an existing trend or pop culture. Innovation is scary, which may explain why there is so much metoo-ism in the world.

I commend Justin Fox and folks like him for paving the way for the few, the brave, the truly inspired! Here’s a black game developer who is breaking barriers on so many levels. You rarely hear about Christian video games that aren’t hack jobs or edutainment titles. Heck, you rarely see any minority representation in the gaming industry PERIOD.. And that’s got to change.

Who will join us in taking small steps towards big things (i.e. the tipping point)?

Who will join us in creating a legacy?

Who will join us in this movement that will bring more love and courage to the underdogs: small businesses, growing brands, and solopreneurs?

Please comment with your thoughts and be blessed!

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ReElise: A retro, Hip Hop, Christian RPG Game

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

12 hours and counting.

The clock is ticking for Justin Fox’s Kickstarter campaign. The backing is no where near the funding goal for this game. For more than a week, Yomar Lopez has been working hard to rustle up some love across the internets for Justin’s campaign. But Yomar’s not getting the feels – especially from the Christian crowd. Yomar asks with not a little frustration and confusion: “What’s up with that?!!”

Justin’s Kickstarter campaign is more than a dream. It’s a prophetic vision. He even quit his day job – not to mention he’s been working on ReElise for more than a few years. The hand-illustration work has been (and is) challenging to say the least. With 12 hours left on the Kickstarter campaign and many tens of thousands of dollars short of the…

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