Jackie Chan Is NOT Dead: Internet Hoaxes & Lazy Content Marketing


A few days ago, my oldest son told me Jackie Chan was dead. Naturally, my immediate reaction was great sadness and a feeling of immense loss. Like most other red-blooded males, I love kung-fu flicks and often annoy my significant other with them. I also love Jackie Chan as an actor, director, and person. That’s besides the point, though.. Jackie Chan’s death would be the worst celebrity loss since Michael Jackson, in my opinion.

There is an awesome success story too deep to discuss here (Wikipedia has a wealth of history and it is mostly on-point, if you are curious). My love for Jackie Chan runs pretty deep, and I don’t idolize celebrities like most. He possesses traits and core values similar to my own and, in many ways, I aspire to be half the man he is. Jackie’s antics, warm smile, and quirky personality are enchanting, as Guy Kawasaki would say. His sense of humor is tops, which is something my wife would say I lack, in spite of my own beliefs. *smirk*

Being a bit of a Jackie Chan fan boy, I could not simply accept this news at face value. A quick Google search for “Jackie Chan death” revealed that it was yet another Internet hoax. I was relieved and annoyed at the same time.

Are people so devoid of original ideas that their content must be limited to mere pandering and silly hoaxes/stunts? That’s a rhetorical question, BTW.

This is not by any means the only or last Jackie Chan Internet death hoax. It seems anyone who wants site traffic or attention simply panders by writing about celebrity gossip, famous deaths, and silly pop culture. Some may consider Jackie Chan’s sense of humor or comedy style rather corny or over-simplified.. But he is still far more entertaining than most online content today. Truth.

Sadly, there is more to this story. Part of the issues here is that social media and SEO will always be abused. That means there is a lot of junk and lies spreading around! I blame laziness mainly.


We could learn a lot about from Jackie Chan content marketing and how to stop lazy online marketing practices. He is a role model for content development and marketing because…

  • He Is Authentic – Jackie Chan’s on-screen personality mirrors his personality in real life. Like any human, he has a wide range of emotions, which his characters portray further in later films. This makes his stories more believable and immersive, in spite of far-fetched aspects.
  • He Is Original – Jackie always followed the beat of his own drum, even when receiving direction from others. As he felt restricted in his creative control, he moved on to new projects and became more self-sufficient while still valuing collaborations. Interestingly enough, Jackie Chan was to be the new Bruce Lee but he reached higher and developed his own voice and style.
  • He Is Persistent – In spite of flopped films and new creative directions not working out commercially or critically, Jackie Chan stuck to his vision and core values. He knew that, if he stuck with it, he could break into new markets and find others who share his vision and passions.
  • He Is Passionate – If Jackie did not believe in and love what he was doing, he would have given up long ago. Heck, most of us would have been discouraged given the adversity and failures he faced. Not Jackie Chan!
  • He Is Principle Driven – Jackie strongly believes that we create our own opportunities. He holds his own son, Jaycee, to strong standards. Jackie knows that handing out opportunities and wealth does not build character nor does it benefit others in the long run. He is also a firm believer in life-long learning and cultural awareness, speaking over five languages conversationally or fluently.
  • He Cares – Much like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and a few rare wealthy individuals, Jackie Chan is committing 100% of his wealth to charity upon his death. Going back to principles, this shows that he does not believe in dynastic wealth because it fosters laziness and entitlement.

This is the man that Internet hoaxes want to kill off? Why?? It boggles my mind!

Fortunately, all the bandwagons, unremarkable content, and mere pandering presents a massive opportunity for us to stand out. Stay true to yourself, be authentic, and have fun with your content. Create the things you would like to enjoy yourself and the rest will follow.

It’s okay to follow a trend and feed the need with timely content but do not make this your only strategy. If you merely go with the flow and ride out a tide, you will surely get bored. How can we expect our audience to be excited about our content if we don’t enjoy it ourselves?

I will end my rant there but one more unrelated note: if you love Jackie Chan, these images are from his first break-through performance in Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow. This martial arts movie is more akin to Drunken Master than Rush Hour. Interestingly enough, Jackie admits he is not a fan of the Rush Hour series as the humor escapes him. I prefer his classic work and anything he directs or produces himself anyway.

Enjoy.. And remember: do not feed the Internet trolls with your attention.

For more on the essence of quality content by human and robot standards, check out my article on Google Hummingbird and the impacts to SEO, content, and inbound marketing.


4 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Is NOT Dead: Internet Hoaxes & Lazy Content Marketing

  1. These RIP hoaxes on Twitter etc are beyond belief, it makes you wonder what is going through the minds of the ones that start them off in the first place!

    • I am with you, Karen. I guess one could say content marketing has two schools: those that pull silly stunts and those that have real value to share. What do you think?

      • I agree, at the end of the day those that have interesting and informative stuff to share stay around a lot longer 😉

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