SOPA: Why And How We Can End This Internet Threat!

SOPA and PIPA aim to destroy the global economy, our freedom, and the Internet as we know it.

SOPA and PIPA aim to destroy the global economy, our freedom, and the Internet as we know it.

Do you consider the Internet an indispensable resource for personal and/or business purposes?

Well, SOPA aims to destroy the Internet as we know it.

Now, before eyes start to roll, know that political discussions and causes are not the usual fare on Y3B but this issue hits home for all of us, much like the SaveTheInternet (a.k.a. Net Neutrality) cause I promoted years ago.  In the United States, we take for granted just how good we really have it.  We have access to so many tools, games, and great information in our unadulterated Internet but not everyone around the world is so lucky.

Just look at China, where the Internet is all spin and lies.

In simple terms, SOPA serves small interest, not the good of the general public.  If nothing else, the proposal of deep packet inspection (invasion of privacy) and blocking on a link, IP, and domain basis is scary stuff.  This bill would give large corporations too much control over the Internet, while putting a great risk on our personal privacy and security.  Most sources indicate that the blocking would be strictly on a domain basis, which would not do much to curb piracy but certainly have an impact on the millions of businesses out there..  and the consumers that depend on them.

Note that, whether bans will be temporary or not, IP or domain-based, the impact will be great to not just businesses, but non-profit organizations that are trying to educate, provide aide, and the like.  SOPA and PIPA would not only be a greater blow to our struggling economy, but it will send the whole world into disarray at the cost of our freedom, no less.  All this to maybe dissuade some software and media pirates.

In other words, SOPA and PIPA are aimed at protecting intellectual property but are ineffective in doing so.  Instead, this will open the doors to poor business practices that will put our privacy, freedom, and livelihood at risk.  Seems like a high price to pay, eh?

SOPA no es bueno.  No me gusta.

I have a simple call to action here today: check out these links and spread the word.  Tweet about it, blog about it, post to Facebook or Google+, share via StumbleUpon..  Whatever works for you!  But don’t sit by idly as corrupt decision-makers try to control how we consume information, connect, and communicate, just for their personal gain!

  • – This article provides arguably the most comprehensive look at why this issue matters so much.. and why we all need to take action.  Every effort matters!  Thank you, Copyblogger, for spreading the word on SOPA and PIPA.  You guys do such a great job and are a great hope to all us online entrepreneurial types!
  • – An action center that aims to put a stop to SOPA before it goes up for “vote” on January 24th, 2012.  Even if you’re not in America, this issue has global implications we all should be aware of..  and it goes well beyond censorship concerns.
  • – The Wikipedia document is contested as biased but it seems pretty darn accurate to me and there are plenty of other sources to check out so you can be more informed on the core issues here.

As you can see, just about any online entity sees the potential damage the passing of this bill would cause.  The Internet has been a great equalizer for small businesses, giving consumers more options than ever before.  SOPA would essentially force us to do business with and learn from only approved sources.

*** Important Dates ***

January 18, 2012 – Internet Black-Out SOPA Protest
January 24, 2012 – SOPA Gets Denied (With Your Help)

We MUST stop SOPA as it stinks like aged cheese..  and it’s nowhere as appetizing!

(BTW, I’ve already written Congress and tweeted about it..  But I know we can do so much more together!)


6 thoughts on “SOPA: Why And How We Can End This Internet Threat!

  1. Yomar, I appreciate that you have presented a more well rounded argument for this bill than others whom I’ve read. Since SOPA will be pushed until February for a re-write and most likely it will not pass. I’m not going to turn off my blog in support, rather, I will allow the process to take its due course.

    • I am curbing my Internet usage today to observe the SOPA protest. I think the concept behind SOPA but the execution is poor. On the tech side, the impact and risks are insane.. but I digress. I just don’t like that our government would even consider this type of Internet regulation.. it only brings us closer to losing the resources we have all grown dependent upon, you know?

      • As of today, January 20 2012, SOPA and PIPA have been dropped. Kudos to everyone that took action, whether it was tweeting, blogging, writing your senator, or whatever. We did it!

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