Support-A-Thon: Submit Your #FreeBacklinks and Support Other Geeks #supportathon

Hello fellow geeks let’s TEAM UP! Teamwork - Let's Succeed Together #supportathon

The Support-A-Thon continues.. Teamwork, teamwork!

UPDATE:  I’ll be re-sending this page via Buffer, StumbleUpon, and Triberr.  Come join us and feature your best content (try to keep it to one #backlink at a time so we can stay focused).  Just leave a comment with a detailed review and a link, then we’ll help you promote your stuff.  Remember to use hash tag #supportathon when tweeting or blogging about this wonderful collaborative effort!

Today, I want to step up the Support-A-Thon effort by inviting you all to share your shameless plugs right here on Y3B!

That’s right – submit your links here for FREE using the comments!

What’s the catch?

All we ask in return is that you hand-pick some of the links in this post to share with your friends and via your social networks.  This part is important because broadcasting shares and messages usually doesn’t work.  That includes sharing on your Facebook wall, Google stream, Twitter timeline, etc.

The purpose of this here Support-A-Thon is to engage your closest friends and supporters – those are your real influencers!

Please read on for some tips to make this work and more details about my own guest article promotion in our Support-A-Thon

#ConversionFest 2011 Contest Update

Currently, my social score for the #ConversionFest contest is at 429.  When compared to the current leader, whose score is now locked at over 1900 points, I’d say I have quite a bit of work to do.  I’m trying to do this without spamming or using black-hat techniques to show the power of engaging people individually, leveraging your strongest touch points, and going deep!

My article and this wonderful contest has been a great way to provide social proof for what I feel is more important than amplification and establishing a wide network: mutual support and going deep, through your influencers into extended networks (referral networking, in essence).  It’s been a great opportunity to catch up with folks I honestly lost touch with and engage new work-out buddies.  This is why I say, no matter how small your audience may be, you still have the opportunity to do BIG things if you focus on the right behaviors and goals.

The next score I am gunning for is at 896.  I have a good 500 points to hit before I can make the Top 3.  Thanks to your wonderful energy and support, I’m getting there!

StumbleUpon shares and Facebook messages will be key…

As I touched upon, broadcasts fail because people are distracted and too much gets lost in the mix.  Each of us has at least ten people that will listen to whatever we have to share so why not reach them directly and simply ask for a favor and have them do the same?  That’s going DEEP!

The Natural, Non-Pushy Permission-Based Promo Method (a.k.a. Going Deep, for short):  Consider the potential of 10 people asking 10 people each and then it goes down two or three levels..  That’s a true reach of over 10,000 people!  You’re bound to make an avid fan in the process once you are introduced, trust is established, and the respect for your expertise brings them closer to you.

Why A Support-A-Thon Is For You

The goal here is to allow little-known business entities and creatives to share their online content with a wider audience.  This blog has gained great momentum and I’d like to share some of that traffic with you.  Of course, do not share your stuff here if you do not plan to support others here.  By joining our unofficial effort here, you pledge to…

  • Share the benefits, urgency, and highlights of any content you promote via the Support-A-Thon effort.
  • Never spam your links or the links of others.
  • Personally introduce content to the most interested, hand-picked targets.
  • Use StumbleUpon to Like content and share it to your network’s toolbars.
  • Cross-promote via a blog, site review, LinkedIn recommendation, etc., if you wish.
  • Leave quality comments on target content that will build conversations and add value to the content.
  • Introduce your favorite influencers to people personally, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other preferred social networks.
  • Promote the Support-A-Thon by using #supportathon where appropriate and perhaps blogging about it!

In essence, share and share alike.  If you’re just here to self-promote, just go spam somewhere else.  Let’s help each other out!

A StumbleUpon Newbie Guide / Crash Course

I know StumbleUpon is somewhat of an enigma to most, yet StumbleUpon accounts for more than 50% of social media traffic and can no longer be ignored.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of StumbleUpon:

  • Configure your interests via Settings > Manage Interests making sure you include topics you are strongest in and focus most on.  The more interests you have, the easier it is to find content and stumblers that are a good match.  Of course, you could go with just a few interests to get more highly-focused content and make your purpose on StumbleUpon more clear.
  • Start stumbling some content and write some reviews to strut your expertise and show people how insightful, engaging, and wonderful you are (cause you are).  Reviews pop up by default when you discover new sites but, otherwise, it’s a great way of having the right people find you.
  • Download the StumbleUpon toolbar to make it easier to submit new discoveries.  Make sure you balance your own content with that of others.  The folks at StumbleUpon will punish those that self-promote and spam; besides, as a content curator, you add more fun to your StumbleUpon blog and show your credibility as a well-educated, highly-connected person.
  • Expand your network by clicking the “Meet Another Stumbler” button and clicking follow.  Usually, others will follow you back.  You may want to send a message to Stumblers with lots of favorites before you enable toolbar sharing but, remember, if you don’t enable sharing chances are they won’t either.  The community is good about reciprocating your levels of engagement and openness.
  • If you did not to begin with, make sure you configure preferences and connect your favorite networks.  I would not recommend keeping automatic Facebook shares on.  Instead, hand-pick the best content to share via StumbleUpon and other networks, including e-mail!
  • Enhance your StumbleUpon profile using HTML to chunk your information, display badges, and add links to your top content and landing pages.  Currently, StumbleUpon is like most other hosted solutions: iFrames and Javascript are usually not supported so don’t expect to be able to monetize directly using affiliate links or special badges (sorry Klout fans).
  • Offer to cross-promote content with your most engaging, well-connected Stumblers.  Stumblers love this because it shows, again, that it’s not all about you.  It’s really easy, too.  Simply click the StumbleUpon-wrapped link (looks something like this –;src:all) and Like It.  Once the content is in your faves/blog, you can rollover it to get the “Share” option and then send it to StumbleUpon toolbars in your network.  Make sure you have your fellows return the love.  Just ask nicely and they’ll usually be all for it!
  • Test drive the StumbleUpon Explore Box to have access to tons of content that matches your provided keywords and interests.
  • Share these tips with other Stumblers, newbies and long-time Stumblers alike are often not aware of the full potential of StumbleUpon.

Hopefully those tips will help you get the most out of StumbleUpon.  There’s a good reason that StumbleUpon outperforms Faceobook for many folks that know how to work it.  I know it’s been a more significant traffic source than Facebook, but that’s partly my fault too. *wink*

Link Building And Sharing Guidelines

When creating links outside of StumbleUpon (i.e. in blog comments, HTML-enabled profiles/bios, and discussion boards), it’s important to make them natural.  What is a natural link?  I’m glad you asked!

  • A link that leads to something relevant to the referring content.
  • A link with anchor text that describes the target content accurately and honestly.
  • A link given proper context so it does not seem like unsolicited spam or mere self-promotion (and people know what they’re clicking).
  • A link that adds value to the online conversation at hand.
  • A link that provides an action or connection that has been pre-approved.

Essentially, just like you are considerate and try to add value with your comments on other sites, you want to do the same with links.  If your links do not add value to content, have not been pre-approved, and break a site’s guidelines, chances are it is spam.

On the matter of pre-approval, most sites that enable links in comments, signatures, profiles, and other areas assume you know that it is meant to be used sparingly.  To avoid seeming like a leech, try to link to others and back to your top referrers more than you link to yourself.  Sure, this takes longer than other, more questionable link-building methods, but it ensures your links are not taken down.

So, now that you know the expectations for the Support-A-Thon FREE Link Exchange I hope that you will share some fun content with us.  Just remember to provide a description, whether it’s short or long, about what we are clicking to, why it’s important to you, and what we may like about it.  Looking forward to discover more great content out there!

You’re all AWESOME!! *super-duper thumbs up* 

 “]”]Naruto's Kakashi gives a SUPER thumbs up!

58 thoughts on “Support-A-Thon: Submit Your #FreeBacklinks and Support Other Geeks #supportathon

  1. Yomar,

    I’m really trying. You know, I’ve even had conversations with the voices in my head! 😀

    I thought all I had to do was click the thumbs up icon on pages, and click the SU incon near blog posts, and I was all set. Tweets & Posts additional.

    Now you tell me my links need to wear sweaters! HELP!!

    In effort to be sure me and others like myself are completing our mission with the “super SU-savvy,” maybe there is a resource like…

    StumbleUpon for the Uber Idiot


    If I’ve given it thumbs up and clicked the little icon, is that enough? Or are you telling me I should do something different or additional?

    I’m happy to promote any link and offer support. It would be primo to do it in a “socially acceptable” way. 😉


    Links I’d love some lovin’ for:

    • The sweaters are only for when you link in the comments or link from another HTML force. Every time a hyper-linked text is anything BUT the actual URL, that is considered anchor text. It’s how you dress up links and give search engines and analytics an idea of what content is about.

      I’ll be coming up with a dedicated guide to StumbleUpon soon. This here was just some quick info to help y’all share your best content in a way that will be well-received. Link-building via blog comments, discussion boards, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and StumbleUpon reviews are some ways we can create quality natural links for each other.

      I’ll do some link-lovin’ later on tonight for everyone. For me, there’s just my article.

      Keep the links coming then I’ll share our game plan for promotion. Let’s try to keep the links to one or two per person so we can promote each one consistently and persistently.

      Keri, can you tell us about your links and why the content may be interesting to our audiences? 8)

  2. Thanks to Yomar I look at SU as another opportunity to promote good content. I still have some questions regarding SU. As Keri I thought that it’s enough to just click on thumb-up icon and it’s done. But maybe there is more we can do with that 🙂
    Looking forward to your SU guide

    • I’m working on it now.. Burning the midnight oil and being a “machine”! *wink*

      It’s interesting that the general consensus seems to be that most are under-using StumbleUpon so it’s no wonder they under-value it most of the time too. Heck, even I can use SU to a greater degree… But we’ll discuss that more in my upcoming post! =oD

  3. Yomar…. you are going to kill me.

    Laurinda’s obituary. “Lovely girl. Very sad we lost her to an overdose of learning from Yomar.”

    You know way too much, share too much that it can get overwhelming!! But I appreciate it the same. 🙂

    • I’m sorry.. I sometimes go into “information overload” mode… But I hope you can pull out the tidbits that apply most to you!

      Bullet points, I find, make it easier to sift through content and pull out the nice, juicy portions. *nibbles on a Whatchamacallit* Ah, fuel for the ‘ol noggin. =oD

      Now, no dying on my watch.. My clerics and white mages are on strike due to salary cuts. 😉

      P.S. I appreciate you tooooooo! =oD

      P.P.S. You need a cool Gravatar hovercard like Klaudia and I have.. Rollover our avatar thumbnails – you *know* you want one!

    • – it’s quick and easy!

      What’s nice about it is that you can link your Gravatar to different sites so you essentially have a universal profile with some default photos to use, no matter where you are. It also has quite a bit of SEO value.. Just thought you may want to know that! ;o)

    • Will do!

      Everyone Like It on StumbleUpon. Remember: diverse favorites with varied tags help grow your audience organically. Don’t hesitate – you get to help others and yourself. Not a bad deal, I’d say.

      I’ll Stumble it as soon as I get back to a proper computer. It’s a hectic day as my last day to promote my blog and drive social scores up.

      I’d love some more comments and will make more commenting rounds in the next few days. I leave some meaty comments usually.. Get ready! *wink*

      BTW, I love hearing that I inspired you, Kirsten! That means a lot to me, more than I communicate at times, I reckon.. But I’m working on that every day!

      Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Loving all the warm connections we’ve all been making! =oD

    • All right – Stubmled!

      Let me know if you want me to tweak the tags. The story is already quite captivating. I love the supernatural element with the 1940s feel to it. Everyone, please check out Kirsten’s alter ego, Riga Hayworth.

      It’s great to meet other writers as creative writing is something I’ve really wanted to get back into. Seeing you making it happen is inspiring!

    • We’re still at the ground level so just support everyone as you get a chance!

      I urge everyone to at least StumbleUpon “Like This”, Google +1, and Facebook “Like” as those are all easy opportunities. If you can share to StumbleUpon follower toolbars, even better – this is where SU really starts to shine. Of course, do this with the stuff you find particularly significant, relevant, entertaining, and/or useful. I like peer support to be authentic, not just because we are trying to reciprocate.

      With regards to comments, I look at the same sort of genuine peer support. Leave comments that are thoughtful and add value to the conversation.. but don’t feel the need to leave comments just because it is the right thing to do, you know?

      That’s important. As you can see here, I don’t push people to comment.. I have quite a few returning lurkers and I’m all right with that. So long as people find value in what I am sharing, the rest is icing on the cake. =o]

    • Haha – I love that you love it (I’m a big Anime geek, BTW)!

      I’d like for you to share a link or two to your best content. I recommend sharing the stuff that has had the most interaction on and off-page. Your heavy-hitters in terms of traffic may be a good place to look. That way you can help your inner pages rank up.

      More importantly, linking to specific pages with descriptive text will help drive more highly-qualified, relevant traffic to your top content. This is important because, if they REALLY like your best stuff, they’ll want to explore the home page and everything else.

      I’m not just talking SEO here (though you know how much I dig that aspect). It’s about sharing your most compelling stuff. Heck, share what you love most. Is there content that you really poured your heart into but did not get much of a (visible) response? Share that!

      Instant thumbsuparu to you, Karla! =oD

      • I am trying to keep up with all these comments both in the group and here and everywhere else on the web, ahhh!!! OK here is an article that tells people why they should get guest blogging:

        This is an article about getting CommentLuv on Blogger blogs, and I find it smoother than the Blogger commenting system which sometimes has issues with login:

      • I already personally shared the CommentLuv article with someone looking for that very information. Rather than walking them through it on Skype using dekstop video, I linked to your article.

        You saved us both time and money, Karla!

        Let’s share comments on the content featured here to gain more visibility for the links and create more compelling reasons for everyone to check out our best stuff. This is already becoming a very popular page thanks to the Facebook Support-A-Thon event page and sharing via StumbleUpon, Triberr, etc. Loving the team spirit!

        BTW, I get a bit overwhelmed too. I really wish I had more time to stay on top of the best little-known gems on the web. This is where the marathon analogy runs deep:

        Go at it at your own pace and use the methods that work best for you. Blog about it, tweet about it, tell a friend, and just have fun with it. No pressure. I expect we’ll all start seeing some results in a few weeks.

        I’m excited!

    • Thanks “Ginger” – mutual support is very important! =oD

      I had a great chat with Dave Gallant about what engagement really means. I love reciprocation. I’m sure we all do… but is that always true engagement?

      What we found is that sometimes folks leave us comments to…

      • Get some of your link juice.
      • Bait you into doing the same.
      • Fulfill some sort of (implied) obligation.

      Not that any of those reasons are bad in themselves, but I want to encourage folks to help others out for other reasons. Sure, it’s great exposure and builds credibility and integrity alike… but what about just helping others out?

      Whether you believe in karma or not, things do come around in the social web. I have great respect for those that give and rarely ask.. Those that know how to self-promote without being excessive or pushy amaze me too.

      I hope this Support-A-Thon will continue to build momentum for us all. Sharing our best practices, encouraging each other, empowering others.. It’s all beautiful and exciting!

      Remember to use hash tag #supportathon when encouraging others to get in on the very real mutual lovin’!

  4. Awesome idea. I hope you liked my SU review for the supportathon page.

    Below is a list of links to all my podcasts produced by Adrian Klein. I would be grateful to you if you Stumbled, Digg, retweet, and walled them all. If you do all of this for me, please do let me know at stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com. You will be generously rewarded.

    1. Why do I blog: Faryna Podcast EP1

    2. If Tomorrow Was Your Last Day: Faryna Podcast EP2

    3. Money Can’t Buy Happiness: Faryna Podcast EP3

    4. The First Duty of Love is to Listen: Faryna Podcast EP4

    5. Are You Ready for Love? Faryna Podcast EP5

    6. Reading The Desiderata. Faryna Podcast EP6

    7. What is Love? Faryna Podcast EP7

    8. Confessions of a Freak-Geek-Misfit. Faryna Podcast EP8

    9. Do you love strongly? Faryna Podcast EP9

    10. Empty-handed, Less Traveled Roads. Faryna Podcast EP10

    11. The Economics of Friendship. Faryna Podcast EP11

    12. Do Not Be Afraid. Faryna Podcast EP12

    • Glad you “digg” the idea here, Stan!

      What would you say is your favorite of the podcasts. I know you invested much time and money into each one but, if you had to choose ONE, that everyone should listen to *right now*, which would it be?

      Don’t forget to share this page via StumbleUpon using the keywords “free backlinks”, “link building”, “supportathon”, “free advertising”, and whatever else you think works! That’ll help get this effort (and your content) more exposure.

      BTW, I’ll be making comment and #supportathon rounds hard next week. This week, I have tons of content and client deliverables to put out.. And I’m a bit behind schedule. Whoops!

      Loving the enthusiasm here, my friends!

  5. OK Yomar. 🙂 I totally digg this.

    I read the article. I read the comments from my friends. I dugg, stumbled, tweeted, liked, linkedIned, G+ed and reddit and thus shamelessly promoted all of us. 🙂

    I think this is a great way to support each other. As I am a marathon runner, I get the concept of a supportathon. Not a quick fix, but a real long-term relationship building tool. There is a lot of work to do, to prepare before the real results are seen and tallied.

    Fact is: We all know people!

    If we use our own resources, share and give graciously, we reap the rewards at a later time.

    Now I should go and do the same for the people who’ve left comments, right?

    I am looking forward to connecting with me current friends as well as new treasures.

    • Now THAT was a perfect plug! The link just calls out to be clicked.. And that’s the idea!

      Glad you digg this idea and really get it.

      While I would love to take more credit for the #supportathon concept, it was Laurinda Shaver that initially inspired it with her selfless ways. I’ve done some marathons myself, though I am hardly in good shape these days, truth be told.. But the concept is clear in creating the urgency here.

      Give more than we get.. Good things will come in their own time. You totally get it, Dorien!

      We already have quite a few links here so I encourage everyone to focus on the ones that excite them the most. Drip the links to your audience over time, maybe even use Buffer or Triberr feeds to keep the information steady.

      All the wonderful content here will help add more variety to our streams while sharing real value with our audiences. Now, if I have not subscribed to your blog via RSS yet, let me know. I mainly use RSS to help keep up with the constant efforts out there. It’s a great #listeningtool I’d say!

      If you don’t see any traffic generated through our network of friends and peer supporters, let me know so we can step things up. I also recommend using Google alerts to track which links are being mentioned online.

      Let’s rock this out!!

    • …And, yes, share everyone’s links using your preferred and most relevant networks. The ideal here is not just to reciprocate.. I want to truly engage others with amazing content that may have otherwise been lost in the Internet ether! 8)

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  7. Let’s see if I can not screw this up. Let me know if I get it right

    1. My Marketing Mojo FREE Webinar Series. Every Thursday at 10CT I cover a new topic for free.

    2. My free business directory – more reciprocal links

    3. 12 things about google+ in 30 seconds

    4. 5 Amazing things about WordPress

    • Dig your top content picks, Patrick, and I’m glad you stopped by. Would you mind sharing some key take-aways or tidbits to entice everyone to check out your best stuff today?

      Definitely dig the headlines. They make you want to click on through.

      Good stuff, bud! 8)

    • I just noticed your links went into spam.. Whoops! Fixed now. PHEW! *wipes sweat from his brow*

      BTW, if you had to choose one or two links to have everyone promote like mad, what would it be? Please stick to one or two folks so we can stay focused.. and keep the spam filter from shoveling your great content away. ;o)

      That said, Jen, I really love your collection of links here. I know all these folks pretty much. They’re wonderful!

      If you get a chance, add some reviews. Links do better when there’s meat to them. I also recommend using anchor text instead of straight URLs. If you all need help with that, let me know.. The mark-up in question is the “a” tag (with the angled brackets). It’s an easy fix and it’ll help you in many ways by helping search engines and human beings understand what the target content is about. 8)

  8. I’m making some rounds now and hope you will too. I have been dripping your links via Twitter but mostly StumbleUpon as I find it to be the most effective and least-intrusive content curation tool.

    The response here has been overwhelming so, please, make sure you check back often. Each time you click onto this page and stay around a while, you help your links and everyone else’s get more visibility. That also means more chances to cross-promote, share, and collaborate!

    Thank you all for taking part in this #supportathon initiative and be sure to check out my blog Support-A-Thon series, where I share some tips to help us all engage in wonderful ways. 8)

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