Laurinda Won’t Share Her Scotch With Me (Pssst… Sharing *IS* Caring!)

So my work-OUT buddy, Laurinda Shaver, told me she won’t share her scotch with me..  nor will she buy me a bento box from Fork and Spoon.  I don’t blame her.  I promised to join her and Lynn but I did not count on my TARDIS failing on me.  Manipulating time and space is quite difficult!

Doctor Who's TARDIS

Doctor Who's TARDIS In Action (Thank you StrangeButTrue Radio!)

Today I bring to you a simple message about sharing.

While Laurinda Shaver did not share her scotch or Japanese food with me (eh, something about being in different countries may do it), she is very good about sharing..  In many ways.  In the short time I’ve known her, I feel so close to her.  I want to see her succeed more than she already has (“Operation Unplugged”, a Canadian docu-adventure series, looks very promising ).  I feed off her joy and positive energy.  When Laurinda asks for my time, I feel the need to drop what I am doing.  THAT’S the impression she has made by sharing of her world and herself so openly!

This wonderful quote is worth repeating again and again:

People do not care until they know you care.

I’m sure you’ve heard some version of that quote.  You get the gist of it.  Laurinda is one of those people that cares and takes the time out to do the little things.  She keeps those that matter most to her engaged, even when she doesn’t have much left to offer (she’s quite high in demand these days – yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. @SmartBoyDesigns).

Laurinda is in great company too.  There’s an elite class of “people people” including Janet Callaway, Christian Hollingsworth, Amber-Lee Dibble, Jen Olney, Nate Martin…  The list goes on and on.  Quite frankly, I want to link to them every time I name drop because these are folks that are doing big things in their own little ways.

Allow me to share what folks like them can teach us all… 

 Sharing.  Surprisingly, as many bad habits and selfish ways we may preserve from our childhoods, sharing is something folks either never gave a try or gave up on.  In the “make big money” world, old-school business purists will have you believe that sharing is bad.  They profess the following:

  • Don’t share your recipes and strategies with the competition.
  • Don’t share personal information with your customers.
  • Don’t share your offerings with those that can’t afford them.

We’ve been conditioned to hoarde wealth.  I think it’s a shame because, really, we small business folks and fledgling entrepreneurs thrive on sharing.  Being more open and authentic makes things so much easier in the long run – believe me!

So today I want to remind everyone that you should not be afraid to share some secrets with the right people.  Go ahead and share best practices with your competitors; besides, they can’t copy your human resources, personality and charisma inclusive, 100% anyway!  Share your wealth with others (and I’m not just talking money or material things).

Share your wealth.

The Wealth Of Knowledge (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Next on the reading list, mayhaps? (affiliate link)

The more I interact with these wonderful folks (the few, the humble, the caring), the more I am reminded that there is a different way, a better way to do things in life.  This is not high school any more.  If you’re trying to bully people or hoping your popularity will be enough, you’ll be a sad, lonely person.

You’ll be a sad lonely person like this aggressive, self-absorbed power blogger we talk about over at The Practical Life

Sharing truly is caring.  We all have something to give, something we take for granted and can (and should) offer freely to others.  You never know just how much you may touch someone’s heart and make a difference.  That person you inspire will likely pay it forward and we can see some of the evil and wrongs of the world reduced or at least offset.

Sharing Is Caring (And Chips Are DELICIOUS!)

Sharing is caring.. Now pass me some chips.

Let’s embrace that lost innocence of our youth, when everyone was our friend and we had far less worries.  It all starts with us.  We can be the change we want to see in the world.

Sharing is a truly powerful word.  We can share stories, services, laughs, drinks, meals, ideas, snacks, and so much more.  The idea here is connecting with the world around us.  We’re not alone and you never know if someone you know may just need YOU to reach out to them and remind you, “I am here for you!”

Dino Dogan once said that to me and, even though our busy schedules keep us from connecting more often, that stays with me.

So, as tempted as I am to remind you that my article on goes live on August 16th (OOPS – okay, I could not help it), I want to share a simple CTA (Call To Action):

What can YOU share today that will truly make a difference in the lives of others?


9 thoughts on “Laurinda Won’t Share Her Scotch With Me (Pssst… Sharing *IS* Caring!)

  1. Let’s have some fun here.. If you dig this, reblog it or at least post the “I Am Sharing” image somewhere. It’ll be fun to see who believes in this approach to life (plus the image kinda cracks me up since it’s so cheesy)! =oD

  2. Yomar,

    I do believe that our modern society has conditioned people to hoard their wealth — or what wealth they believe they have.

    My philosophy has always been to share — what goes around comes around…what we give, we get back 10-fold.

    In my roles, I’d rather bring people along with me rather than “rice-bowling” in attempt to keep other behind as if I would move forward. In the end, it just doesn’t work.

    Busy-ness and geographic location does limit us somewhat. Only somewhat.

    What am I sharing? Well, as often as I blog, I’m sharing my thoughts and my knowledge. On my social media outlets, I’m sharing information that will propel people in the hopeful right direction.

    I finally made it onto Tumblr – I’m hoping to share fun thoughts and discoveries there. Fun!

    And, if anyone’s interested, there’s a heap load of stuff in my garage I’m willing to share, share, share (until it’s gone!!). 😀

    If I had some scotch, I’d gladly pour you a sip…


    • Conditioning.. There’s the operative word. Reprogramming ourselves is tough when thoughts and behaviors are deeply engrained since our youth.

      When I think about sharing in a business sense, I think of things like “The Thank You Economy” and the works of Seth Godin, especially with regards to permission marketing. You have to give a little to get a little. It used to work the other way but not so much now.

      I’m considering Tumblr more and more now. The hits you get on long-tail keyword searches really excites the SEO buff in me.. And it’s built for rapid development, which would make it easier and faster than even StumbleUpon (which I love, BTW).

      Tumblr is almost as robus and flexible as WordPress.. But I won’t be replacing WordPress like some seem to be doing.


      We have tons of extra stuff we’re slowly giving away or selling for dirt cheap. We’ve been doing community yard sales. What a great way to meet more local people!

      Laurinda said she’ll share her scotch with us, BTW. ;o)

  3. ok fine Yomar. You are forgiven for standing Lynn and I up at Forks and Spoons. Hurt all gone now. 🙂

    First off.. let me say how touched I was by your post. You know.. you just do your thing, day in and day out, pushing forward, Hoping to pay the bills and enjoying the company of other authentic folks you come across along the way. I never really think about any impact I may have on others. And I’m truly humbled and grateful for your kind comments.

    Ok.. that was enough sappy from me.

    People, I find, are scared. Scared that you are going to be better than me, that you are going to steal my business, you will steal my boyfriend, that you will make me look stupid, ugly, [insert any negative adjective here]. So they compensate. They compensate by believing that if they just kept to themselves that nothing can be taken and they will not be compared to.


    My biggest work referrals are from people who I gave my time and energy to. People who work with me, know that I care, that I work hard and that I don’t play games. And.. if that doesn’t work, there is plenty of other contracts out there. I am beautiful (took my a long time to say this out loud.). So.. I’m overweight, have a mop head and maybe laugh too much. But this is me. And I love me. Therefore, everyone I meet is great too. We all have our flaws.

    If you give yourself.. if you share… the universe gives back. Tenfold. And never in a way that you would expect. As someone has fought through 3 million crisis in the past 3 years, I can tell you. If you live by sharing and giving, the universe will provide. I am proof of that.

    So, my humble recommendation is.. the next time you feel scared is to ask yourself. What if i helped this person? What if I am just as good as that person? What if I shared my scotch with Yomar… push through it. Do it. The result will surprise you. If you don’t try, all you have is yourself.. and I know.. its lonely there.

    • YAY – I am forgiven! No more booboos. ^_^

      I like how you mentioned that you don’t think about the impact you have. It goes to show that you’re just yourself and don’t seek to bamboozle others or get some affirmation.

      Ah, fear.. There it goes again! Those worries can defeat us before we even really push forward. We all have our flaws. It’s such a wasted effort trying to do so.

      The universe will provide – LOVE that!

      Push through it. That’s crucial. The easier it is to give in or give up, the better you’ll feel for sticking with it, right?

      I could say more on this.. But I think you and Keri really captured all the magic in your wonderful comments.

      Here’s a question: what do you do when you want to stick with something but it seems easier to just give up? Me, I just remember the days when all I wanted to do was stay in bed, wallowing in self-pity and consumed by regrets and doubts.. Then I remember my loved ones and the things I’m fighting for. That gives me strength.

      Can you relate? Sometimes, we have to hit those lows to really appreciate what we have and realize our full potential. Uh-oh.. Better stop before I go off on more tangents… ;o)

  4. The CTA asked what I can share today. Here is what I share. My time. Building a business is not easy and sometimes very lonely. Taking time to comment on a blog (like yours) show I care – and I do, fellow feather man. Sharing my time today here on the blog and tomorrow as I prepare for a charity golf tournament. Sharing my time Thursday as I serve lunch to the teachers at my son’s school – PTA related and on Sunday when I teach Sunday School. As everyone else already took my next line – ‘you get what you give back, ten fold’ – I won’t mention that. But it’s true. And that’s what life is about!

    • Loving all the positive energy here and you certainly are a Bird of a Feather!

      PTA.. I honestly would love to get more involved with that. My better half is not too keen on how schools run things around here.. And how PTA kids think they own everyone. But that’s for another discussion!

      Tell us more about the charity golf tournament. I stink at golf. More of a billiards man.. But I’m pretty good at mini-putt. Haha

      Seriously, though, you’ve all said some wonderful things here.. And the difference is in the WHY. We’re doing this stuff because we care, not for recognition, affirmation, or payment.. Though all those things would be graciously acknowledged, I’m sure!

      I’m so happy to have you join us here on my humble ‘lil Y3B blog, Dorien – please keep on sharing! ^_^

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      Apparently, Laurinda has a lot of fans (and stalkers) out there as this blog entry has been getting an unusual amount of traffic! Girl power, much? =oD

      And like I said on Twitter, she shares (mostly) everything else.. So I won’t hold the lack of Scotch (or bento box) sharing against her. ;o)


      (Confession: I’m a liltte obsessed with hash tags right now due to my #adaptiveseo cross-promotion and visiting sites like and .. hehe)

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