Please Help Me Promote My Guest Blog – August 16th Is The Big Day!

NEWER!  My article is live and, let me say this: the support has been phenomenal!  Even more impressive is the fact that the conversation has been so positive and educational for everyone.  Come join us and learn more about doing business online.  If you dig it, share it forward.

The Adaptive SEO Approach (a.k.a. Bringing leads to you, engaging audiences, and converting naturally!) –

NEW!  We started a Facebook Support-A-Thon event to promote the #ConversionFest and my upcoming article.  Join us and we’ll connect further, setting up opportunities for future cross-promotions and other collaboration!  Definitely check out the Conversion Fest scoreboard to learn tons of useful stuff for career shifters, business owners, and creatives alike!

I don’t often “sell” or make shameless plugs here on Y3B but it’s time to be a little selfish.  I’m going to be honest here, folks…

I need your help promoting my upcoming guest blog entry on!  Without your help, it will be an EPIC FAIL.  Just saying.

On August 16th, the article goes LIVE and I’m a tad bit nervous (though I am glad for the extra prep time).  I humbly admit that I likely won’t win the grand prize and I’m fine with that…  But I do want to see just how good I can promote something when the urgency is really there (and I have tons of other things going on, mind you).  I’ve already started plugging away but, once we’re a week out from the publishing date, you better believe I’ll be priming our audiences and networks to promote my guest blog entry and get the gold seal! Conversion Fest Blog Contest 2011 Conversion Fest Blog Contest 2011

All I will need is for you to retweet, have your followers retweet, leave comments, and share on Facebook.  This is the stuff you already do but I also ask that you put Buffer,,, TwitterFeed, and all that other wonderful stuff to work to help automate and catch people when they are really paying attention.  I want to see just how much exposure this article will generate.  I’m anxious and excited at the same time.

I want to thank Laurinda Shaver, John Gordon, Oli Gardner, Julie Nutter, and Christian Hollingsworth for helping me get that extra level of polish on what started off as a VERY rough draft.  You all ROCK my socks!

Now for a preview and some additional thoughts on the article in question…

What I will be sharing with you via the Conversion Fest  is a bit of a primer on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it ties into Social Media, Inbound Marketing, and Conversions.  SEO is one of those things that every expert has a different take on.  The contrasting ideas make people apprehensive about the value of SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) alike so, really, let’s put the techie stuff aside and think about what this really is all about: Inbound Marketing.

The goal here is to bring customers to you so that your online content serves as more than a virtual business cards.  Make your content more findable and target the right audience so that they can naturally stumble upon your stuff and get excited about it all.  When you do this right, you have pre-qualified leads hitting your web site, which makes it easier to convert people.

That’s all there really is to SEO, though the HOW is a bit trickier to explain.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is another one of those pesky acronyms that is thrown around a lot.  To simplify things, I offer this explanation: conversions are what happen when you set goals for your audience/visitors and the goals are met; thus, your conversion rate would show you how often this happens versus how often it does not.  Essentially, conversions happen when you do a good job of engaging people, connecting, capturing contact information, acquiring opt-ins/permission..  And getting them to buy into whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

Do not confuse conversions with selling, though there are sales conversions.

A conversion could be getting someone to complete a survey.  It can also be having someone Like your Facebook fan page.  Conversions can be anything, really.

One of the main points I drive home is that SEO, like many other facets of Internet, Web, or Online Marketing (whatever you want to call it), requires a good portion of research and constant dipsticking.  Most focus so hard on the techniques and strategies that they miss the whole assess-evaluate-retool phase, which is where I came up with this whole notion of “adaptive SEO”.  Being adaptive, to me, means realizing that our methods are never full-proof and are not guaranteed for everyone.  SEO is especially tricky when it comes to getting extremely different results with the same techniques across the board.

While it is possible to create evergreen content (stuff that will always be interesting or relevant), we know that marketing is a marathon.  You either keep an ongoing effort up or you do things in highly-focused campaigns.  Either way, you can’t set-it-and-forget-it.  Let’s not forget that our needs and goals will evolve as we overcome challenges along the way and gain more experience – it’s only natural that we’ll have to revisit our business plans to shift our focus to the things that are really getting results.

The beauty of SEO, at least how I and a few others I know offer it, is that it allows you to constantly gauge where you are at and plot a path to where you want to be.

My article will touch upon these concepts and bridge the gap between SEO and driving real results.  I even provide a case study for one of my very own clients, USA Corporate Services INC.  I wasn’t nearly as humorous or clever as I normally am.  This time,  I wanted to have the message and it’s usefulness stand above jargon, hype, and gimmicks (well, moreso than usual) – I really hope you enjoy it!

Remember: Stay tuned to…

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22 thoughts on “Please Help Me Promote My Guest Blog – August 16th Is The Big Day!

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    • Haha.. Maybe I’ll set up an action center just for that one article.. Or a bunch of landing pages! ;o)

      Thanks.. We can do it! Dave Gallant is competing too.. But we’ll just support each other. =o)

  2. Ok… I declare a support-a-thon. How many ways can we support Yomar’s post? I’m willing to throw my hat in the ring to fight for supoort-a-thon champ !!! (god… do I really make everything into a game?)

    • OMG.. That sounds awesome! The funny thing is that one of the ideas I’ve been toying around with is creating a site to help people for promotional marathons like this one we’re about to embark upon.

      I mean, how cool would it be to have something that literally can turn promotional efforts into a game, awarding all participants with points, badges, and maybe even some cool swag? I have a few ideas for a revenue model too.. It could work!

      So many ideas, so little time…

      Hey, don’t throw down your best hat.. You may need it later! =oD

      (And I think it’s awesome you turn everything into a game.. That’s why I heart ya!)

  3. Pingback: Please Help Me Promote My Guest Blog – August 16th Is The Big Day! (via Yogizilla’s Blankity Blank-Blank (An NoF Portal)) « Rants and Raves By KiNgDeeM

  4. Yomar, aloha. Of course I’ll support you with tweets, RTs, comments and shares.

    Here’s a suggestion for you, Yomar. Since the promo runs for 2 weeks, why don’t you have a place on this site where we can sign up for an e-mail reminder? You could send us one each day with a link to the post so all we have to do is click the link, tweet, etc. The easier you make it for people to do what you want, the more apt they are to do it.

    Look forward to reading your post and to supporting you. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • That’s a great idea. I’m lining up different things to drip the information to my audience.. What do you suggest for the e-mail solution? There’s certainly different ways to do that, though I know a landing page across my web sites or at least some banners would work to get folks to sign up.

      What I’m thinking is setting up Facebook as a staging point of sorts. I’ve been on the fence about Facebook lately so I want to see if cross-promoting via my more successful platforms (i.e. Squidoo and StumbleUpon) will do the trick. I figure I can e-mail everyone via Facebook once I have all those wonderful opt-ins.

      The beauty of this approach is that the event is open to the public so it’s a great opportunity to network with new people and put Facebook to real work once again. I’m excited!

      Looking forward to your ideas, Janet! 8)

  5. Yomar, aloha. Since I am not techie, I cannot give you advice.

    While using fb certainly opens you to a larger audience, my suggestion would be to do as many things as you can. Even though I am on fb most days, I always check my e-mail first thing in the morning so would see the e-mail reminder from you.

    Yomar, I think a banner would be better. The key is to make it simple and let people know you need there help & it is for 2 weeks only. Team Spirit. Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Technical knowledge is definitely not my strong suit. Prepared tweets that can be retweeted are good as well. Aloha. Janet

  6. Everyone has a great chance to win – but the top 5 will be getting some great prizes, so anywhere in there is good! Thanks for commenting on my post in the contest and good luck with yours! Facebook event promotion = very crafty! 🙂

    • Indeed!

      The chances to get some really awesome business-transforming goodies is much greater now with all the new sponsors jumping on-board. Now there are THREE iPads up for grabs, giving us all a roughly 15% chance to knab one for ourselves – not too shabby!

      Crafty? Haha – I’d like to think so! I think the Facebook event is a good start but my particular audience doesn’t use Facebook for that sort of stuff much. Now, if I had a Facebook game to plug there, it’d be a different story. LOL

      My plan is to throw my support to those close in the race if I lag too far behind (my Support-A-Thon event actually discusses some of the other competitors too, yourself included). That said, your article is one of my faves thus far. As a techie, anything that gets into the geeky elements of Internet Marketing makes me a happy camper. HURRAY for Google Analytics 5!

      Let’s rock this out, Kristi! ^_^

  7. Yomar,
    Glad to see the continued team spirit. Let’s keep it going. I’m enjoying reading and acting on many things that have (and will be) shared through the conversion fest. I’m also promoting it to my readers, heavily. Thanks for the support…looking forward to reading your post in a few days.

  8. Thanks bud! Only a couple of days left now. Did you see how Kristi Hines is dominating on Twitter? I am impressed. Over 1000 retweets – WOW!

    We sure have our work cut out for us.. Win or lose, it’s great exposure and I think everyone is learning and networking tons cause of it.

    I’d say everyone wins here. The Unbounce team really did a great job with this promotion. 8)

    • Awesome Drew – I really do appreciate the support and how engaging you’ve been from day one!

      Don’t worry: I forget things too.. Which is why I keep my Blackberry and/or notepad handy!

      If you don’t mind, join my event on Facebook and invite your colleagues. The Support-A-Thon will be a place to discuss the wonderful content on the Unbounce blog.. Plus shamelessly plug my own article, of course. ;o)

      Thanks again, bud!

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