OH NOES – I’m Breaking The Blogging Rules!

DISCLAIMER: If this is your first time visiting my blog, it may seem I am being dismissive or condescending. Not at all.. A lot of the stuff I’ve slacked on has great value but I know not to let it drive me batty. One step at a time.. This is meant to be a light-hearted, fun blog entry, poking fun at myself. Please take it with a grain of salt and thank you for visiting!

I am breaking some blogging rules, especially this week (you know me, I’m a bit of a rebel and a crazy *wink*):

  • I am only updating once this week (but that’s typical these days).
  • This particular blog entry won’t be “significant” by most standards.
  • There will be no “powerful call to action” here.
  • I am not fully leveraging my blog to “sell” or convert.. Though I probably should!
  • I have not added many info products nor have I created many upsell opportunities on my main blog.
  • I have not set up additional landing pages (just a couple) nor have I focused on opt-in rates and permissions marketing.
  • Monetizing efforts are minimal, at best, but it serves my personal goals right now.
  • Blogging schedule.. What’s that?

I’d like to call this…

Slowing down to speed up.  (a.k.a. quality over quantity)

…Others may call it cheating, being undisciplined, or a blogging felony. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinions!

Accomplice in Cheating Felony

Will you be my accomplice in cheating a little?

It’s been a very productive week but, unfortunately, I have not had as much creative time due to other projects.  I did put together a rather epic guest blog for UNbounce and I am working on some other guest blogs, including one that I am doing for my pal and fellow Online Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, Dave Gallant.  Still working away on some stuff for Dino Dogan, too.  (I’ve been working on my name-dropping skills as well – HA!)

 I’ve also had the pleasure of catching up with my work-out buddies, Laurinda Shaver, Julie Nutter, and Christian Hollingsworth.  I learned more about my Triberr chief, Keri Jaehnig.  It turns out we’re both quite the coffee aficionados, though my preferences are not always the healthiest (mmm.. I love me a good vanilla chai tea). To me, the warm connections  and focus on long-term value far out-weigh the need to be regimented and focus on mere activity (activity DOES NOT equate productivity).

This week, however, my main blog (I have a few of them), has been neglected.  Y3B is my main point of presence these days.  I need to get some more info products out there and sell my services..  But I am not.  This is unacceptable…  Or is it?To all that mess I say:

Don’t be afraid to break the rules and make your own as you go along.  That’s part of the fun of working for yourself!

Relax and break some blogging rules.  Don’t let what the “gurus” say stress you out – they don’t know everything!

If we are too systemized, we’ll be sure to burn ourselves out.  Sometimes, you just need to prioritize a bit and follow your gut.  Let’s live a little!

Tell me…

 How did you cheat this week?

Did you break any blogging rules? 

Isn’t it liberating? 

(Take THAT, blogging “experts”!)

12 thoughts on “OH NOES – I’m Breaking The Blogging Rules!

  1. you go Yomar! There are always best practices, but people forget: THERE IS NO FORMULA. You have to what is best for your situation. And.. I’m saddened that you are bored with nothing to do. Maybe you can do a guest post for me? 😀

    • Rightomundo!

      I see rules, tips, and best practices as a good starting place but we each have to go with the moment and make judgment calls. It reminds me of the whole “you’re doing it all wrong” mentality. If you get results, nothing else really matters.. As long as you’re being honest and authentic about things!

      Now, about boredom, I am far from it! Did I say that? (Whoops!)

      Speaking of boredom, that may be my next topic at The Practical Life. I think there’s no excuse for boredom.. But, then again, I suppose I am easily entertained at times! ;o)

      I’d love to do a guest post for you.. I owe Dave and Dino guest posts first, though. Trying to come up with stuff that follows their individual flows and topic concentrations. That’s part of the fun!

      Let’s discuss more via forums and/or Skype to come up with ideas! =oD

  2. I am guilty of not writing a blog post this week as well. Ideally I’d like to put two posts per week. I wish it would feel liberating for me, but it doesn’t 😦 . I actually feel slightly guilty.

    • Here’s one trick to do when you don’t have the time or inspiration to blog something of note: take old content and repurpose it, even if it just means tweaking tags, adding links, and promoting old posts thereof. It helps keep your blog fresh while allowing you to create more of a flow in your creative work. That said, I do have a few blog ideas to guest with on your site.. I just got a tad bit sidetracked! You have some really great themes I’d like to build upon, Dave!

      The guilty feeling is something you’ll have to assess. Are you meeting an expectation that is not there or is it a matter of falling short of specific goals?

      Hope that gives you a fresh perspective, bud. 8)

  3. I do that, too.blogging has to be fun for me as well as informative. What’s the point if I’m burned out. I try to blog Tuesdays and Fridays but don’t always make it. And that’s ok. The rules are made to be broken.

    • That’s a great schedule. Lately, I’ve been finding that weekend updates work best for my community but there are other variables.

      Having fun with your blog is #1 so good call there. I’m a firm believer that we should work towards spending more time on the things we love most. If you have to break some rules along the way, go for it! 8)

  4. Yomar,

    Thank you for mentioning me, and linking above!

    We do share a passion for coffee. Vanilla Chai is good (but I’ll stick to keeping it natural). 🙂

    I think many are taking a bit of a break during the summer – as I have not published to my blog as regularly either.

    Looking forward to hearing about future projects and more coffee talk, Yomar!


    • Hey, I like it natural too.. but sometimes I need the extra UNF to get the day started right. ;o)

      I think we’re all allowed some breaks here and there – we sure work hard enough for it, right? Speaking of future projects, I believe that is what I have slated for my next post… but where do I even start? 8)

      Let’s grab a cup of coffee sometime – Ohio isn’t too far from Georgia, right?

  5. cheating? blogging felony? not sure about that 😉 it’s just your way of maintaining your blog.
    How did you cheat this week? – I didn’t.

    Did you break any blogging rules? – ohh I guess many of them, and that’s not the end…

    • This week I’ve been good with my blogs. Got several drafts lined up and been posting two to three times a week, with the help of the team, over at The Practical Life. I’m a content-producing machine but I do cut some corners.

      For me, the challenge is sifting through the countless ideas and concepts I have and figuring out which will stick. Ever have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start?

      I’ve got three guest blog articles in the works and other invites coming in too. It’s flattering and empowering.. But it can make it easy to bite off more than you can chew. I’m excited, regardless.. And then there’s that Unbounce article coming up. You may have heard of it. *wink wink*

      If I had to count how many blogging rules I break, I may run out of appendages to count with! ;o)

  6. What a refreshing post, Yomar! I’m so glad that we met through your guest post on Dave’s blog and how cool that you also know Keri, a Triberr friend of mine as well! =)

    I so needed to hear this! I feel like I’m always breaking “blogging rules.” My blogging community is filled with internet marketers and there I am not selling anything (other than my writing services indirectly), not promoting thing, not following SEO optimization principles and well, the list goes on. =P

    Great to hear that I’m not the only one! =)

    • Hey Samantha – fancy meeting you here!

      We may need to change the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to Keri Jaehnig.. Or Janet Callaway maybe? Haha

      When it comes to rules, I’m with Stacy Reck on breaking the rules. I blogged about it over at The Practical Life, a blog focused more on life matters, work-life balancing, personal development, and family issues that we simply can’t afford to disregard in our endeavors. If we allow ourselves to get caught up with what the “experts” say, we can go crazy.

      In fact, I just read something similar on The KOMverse about social media burn-out. As long as you’re getting the stuff that matters most to you done, the rest is gravy. I believe in systems and productivity, but you also have to enjoy what you do to sustain the effort.

      That’s basically what I was trying toget at. Have more fun doing the things you love.. There’s always work to be done and it’s not going anywhere. Heck, my to-do lists are growing every day but I chip away on them consistently so I don’t worry. =o)

      Now don’t be a stranger – we rebels have to stick together! ;o)

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