7 thoughts on “Gaming Clan Series: Why Clans Die And The Motivation Behind Clan Hopping

  1. Another well said post some times the Bad apples that wont leave are worse than the clan hoppers imho they tear apart the clan from the inside apposed to just messing up the clan by sticking around spouting BS and then just leaving I look forward to more posts like this and hope some of the clan gets to read them I’m promoting as much as possible but who knows if its just going in one ear and out the other

    • I would have to agree too about the bad apples treading the thin line. Good intentions can still lead to bad things. There are situations where you have disruptions and “misalignment” happening because members that should know better veer off the set path.

      It’s all due to a lack of plugging in, misinformation, and misguided efforts. You have to know a clan’s history and precedence before you can really take initiative and make major changes. If you disregard the essence of a clan and the spirit of clan laws, it’s bound to blow up. We know all that very well, don’t we? LOL.. Let’s not even get to specifics! ;o)

      Yes, let’s spread the w3rd. This is important for all clannies, NoF or not! 8)

    • Passion is one of my underlying themes so I’m glad to see it exudes in all my work. Fun Fact: I bleed and sweat passion. JulioFromNY says I’m the Tony Robbins of social media (or was it Tim Robbins?) so I suppose that means I am passionate and perhaps a bit over-the-top? *shrug*

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