15 thoughts on “Gaming Clan Series: The Essence And Benefits Of Gaming Clans And Leadership

  1. Well said bud do not believe i could have said it better myself well i know i couldn’t. I love the quote “some clannies join for a reason and others join for a season” It’s so true also no reason to get bent out of shape about,it happens its not our loss. Sure thy may be very skilled and a great person and a good friend but in the end they will lose out.

    What i enjoy the most about being in NoF is out close bond and ties i love my brothers and sisters. As of my personal goals is to help make NoF into a gaming clan that no one has ever seen before. More into a business so there can be more clan fun for all. Cant say i have contributed to the video gaming industry and or changed it but i will help out my family till the end.

    We are those that stand high and mighty. We care not who the best is but only who is the
    truest… Few true clans exist. This we believe in, this be our creed.. This is what sustains
    us, this is what maintains us.. This is what makes us who we are: THE MIGHTY
    NIPPLES OF FATE! RAWR!!!!!!!!!!

    • w3rd! I love this topic so much that I’m going to be writing a series of game mini-reviews and concise articles that borroe from what we’ve built on the many NoF portal and sister sites. So far, Triond seems to be the best bet since, from what I’ve seen, they don’t lock your intellectual property into exclusive deals. That means you can still promote via Digg, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Facebook, Triberr, or whatever other tools tickle your fancy. Expect a short blog entry about it since there are tons of article submission sites and platforms out there that can help us starving artists make a living. It’s time to step things up and bring the spirit of NoF to the masses!

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    • That’s a good plan.. You’d find great satisfaction in an MMORPG that supports heavy PvP (Player Versus Player, for you laymen out there). Starting a clan can be a sort of douchebag magnet.. Sadly, many of them may end up being in your clan, even if only briefly. Either way, it can be a very rewarding experience if you mind your sanity throughout the processes involved. ;o)

  5. Pardon the pingbacks. It’s just my nerdy way of showing you all that there is related content out there, if you’re really interested in this topic. Now, excuse me as I reply to all the comments and messages out there. Thanks again for all the support and keeping spreading the w3rd! =oD

  6. From reading this article it is immediately apparent that you have created this article from a centered, realistic, and highly experienced place. Great job and please continue to spread the gospel of games as you are! There are so many nuggets-of-goodness in this article you could develop a whole nest of branched topics.

    I think the most succinct and important point of this article is, “The best of the best gaming clans establish clear core values and principles, as set forth by accessible and visible guidelines, policies, goals, agendas, and the like. ”

    Because if you don’t have this for your team, you don’t have anything and your team will be nothing more than spent electronic dust in a short matter-of-time.

    The Game Preacher

    • Preach it, my friend!

      I believe in living a principle-driven life and it’s not mere self-help rhetoric. That approach means going in a deliberate direction, constantly retooling ourselves and systems employed. We all need to go after something bigger than ourselves, you know?

      But I digress…

      Great thoughts here and I hope it sparks more conversation. I see many reading and “liking”.. Share your thoughts, folks – don’t be shy!

      I’ll definitely be checking out your site, TGP! For now, I invite everyone to join the Video Games community on Empire Avenue. My stock ticker is YOMAR – looking forward to connecting with you all there!

      BTW, love the “gospel of gaming” bit – brilliant! Certainly, gaming is a lifestyle for many of us.. I have a gaming site in the works so these articles will definitely be syndicated and branch off. 8)

      Thanks for the support!

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  9. I know this article is two years old, but I’ve just found it from google, so I hope you can still help me!

    I have been trying to take in all you’ve said, and I agree with everything you’ve written about how gaming clans should work – it should be mostly about the game, and having fun. But somewhere, I think I am going wrong with my own group. I play GTA V on the Xbox 360 and run a ‘Crew’. There’s 5 ranks: Muscle (Member), Rep (Senior Member), LT (Junior Leader), Commissioner (Senior Leader), Crew Leader (myself).

    I recently lost 2 of my LTs and my Commissioner. I had tried to keep them in the decision making process, but it seems that general misunderstanding and lack of clarity amongst communication is persistantly causing problems for me. I have several ‘members’ who we barely know – they are only members because I allowed anyone to join, though I’ve removed that ability now.

    So, I thought it would be a good idea to have a situation where we could just join our crew members in a game – because GTA is an open-world sandbox game; it’d be just our crew, with our members, messing about in the game – but it would mean we wouldn’t have to rely on joining public games and getting grief from not-so-friendly people. Instead, we’d be able to join a lobby with people we know and trust.

    I tried to set out this kind of vision to the other leaders in the crew. I was under the impression that they understood that I didn’t want this crew to be like an Army, with strict rules and regulations. I just wanted to get to know our members, and I gave them tasks to set about doing that – getting group X to meet group Y, and getting them together in a game for example. But they’ve been dragging their heels. They don’t seem to be buying the idea. I value their input, but at the same time I don’t want to just have a 5-man do-nothing posse.

    I am looking for alternative options, but it’s a struggle. Being a leader of a clan is challenging, but this is not what I had intended. What would you advise? Is there something from this description that you can see is not working, or do you need more info?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • The best thing I could advise is to have events and activities outside of your current focus game. I feel gaming clans thrive when you enjoy different things together. Let’s face it: GTA V won’t be the flavor of the moment for long so might as well build up bonds beyond any single game or front.

      You definitely have the right idea about personal connections and warmth. Skills in a game can be trained with time but personality fit is tought.. People usually either get your vision or they have foolish dreams of being pro players and living off sponsorships, which we know less than 1% of the gaming population can actually get the chance to do.

      The sad reality is that you may need to thin your numbers before you can grow. Start off casually so you can enjoy the games you play together.. then pursue more structured competition once loyalties are stronger and clearer.

      Hope that helps! Just remember: any organization will always have growing pains.. but that is part of the fun. 8)

    • Its also worth noting that GTA V seems to be the perfect game for goofing around and having serious competition as appropriate. Its not the sort of ecosystem where we will see tryhards going for world championships like, say, a CoD.. So this should make it easier to have fun and not take yourselves TOO seriously.

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