Gaming Clan Series: Let’s Make Video Games Fun Again And Why Gaming Clan Unity Matters

Let’s unite and GAME On!

I just wrote on my Bite Size page about plans to bring video games back to the masses by uniting casual gamers, social clans/groups, and like-minded (indie) developers together. On the surface, it may seem like a excessively redundant, auspicious, or ambitious but I know many of you share the vision and the dream: bringing back the true spirit of video games.

The premise and need is simple: professional gaming and competition as a whole takes the fun out of video games, bringing the focus to money and self-glorification. We want to reward good sportsmanship, principle-driven leadership, and a focus on fun and friendship. The ideal is to give small/ tight-knit clans the tools they need to succeed and maximize their gaming experience. I believe gaming clans and social groups (N-o-F falls into both categories) are the backbone of the video game industry: we make video games more enjoyable and promote the stuff that matters, rather than bolstering mere unsubstantiated hype.

In preparation for the web site launch, I want to gauge everyone’s interests and ideas. This especially applies to folks that remember the “good old days” of video games and want to play with like-minded people to limit the amount of asshat factor in online gaming. The proposed site will be a meeting grounds for gamers that are passionate about the aforementioned ideals. Principle-driven clans/guilds will be able to forge alliances and have the tools needed to recruit efficiently, lead effectively, and set up/join fun events so you get more out of your gaming investments.

…And now for some special thanks…I thank you all for taking what started as a hobby for me and creating the urgency. Your comments, Tweets, and e-mail messages have shown me that there is an unmet need out there. As such, I’ll need you all to link, share, and like relevant content. We’ll soundboard our ideas, collaborate, and have more fun with online games.

I want to also thank Atari, PopCap, Rovio, Nintendo, and others for remembering what makes games fun and, often, timeless. While I love my shooters and action games, I see the flaws in the gaming industry. Campers, foul-mouthed unsupervised kids, team killers, and other issues ruin the fun in mainstream games, making casual games even more tantalizing. There’s also too much of the same stuff and not enough innovation. Fortunately, there are fixes for the things taking the fun away. I know we can accomplish much together.

One last thought: I see that my Gaming Clan Series has been well-received so I’ll definitely be building on that here on Y3B and on DPO, as well as the coming web site. It’s going to take some time but I am excited and know it’ll be well worth it. Again, remember to spread the w3rd: share, link, comment, and like your favorite content on my sites – I’ll return the love, as always!

If you feel this is something you’ve been waiting for, add me on XBox LIVE and Twitter. The name is Yogizilla.


11 thoughts on “Gaming Clan Series: Let’s Make Video Games Fun Again And Why Gaming Clan Unity Matters

  1. I know what you mean bro i miss it i really do but if feels like the console got stale not only for me but ALOT of our friends.Hopefully when brink drops it will change all that.Also i want to go back to my roots and PC game some but my PC permits that =/.
    Hit me up lets brainstorm come up with some ideas and get RoNoF launched

    • Yeah, it’s true!

      Video games in general do not hold interest for as long as they used to but console games are the worst in that aspect. I attribute the low shelf life to corporate greed and a lack of foresight. We need to continue cultivating communities (like the NoF Network/RoNoF) and pushing for community-generated/driven content. That was the past but it’s also the future! is back up. ColdFyre decommisioned some old servers and migrated data over. Sorry about that.

      Believe me, now more than ever, there is great urgency to take RoNoF to the next level and share our vision with the entire geek world! We’ll collaborate soon, brothah! 8)

      BTW, I have high hopes for Brink but it’s all contingent upon who buys into Bethesda’s first real IP and shooter EVER. I love what they’ve done for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises so I have great confidence they’ll deliver in May 2011 (and beyond). It’s going to be a fun experience if we can get all the Nipples Of Fate down! =oD

    • Whoops.. I think I may have replied to this already (darn meds got me loopy) but here goes:

      Bethesda hasn’t made a bad game yet. Brink WILL deliver next month (May 2011). Of course, sustained success depends on two things:

      1. How long they support the game and offer free/cheap expansions and events.
      2. How many people play the game.

      We can help the latter by getting NoF more involved. It’s just a shame you don’t see more cross-platform games like with Universe At War and Shadowrun (XBox 360 + PC = WINNING!) but that’s the product of corporate greed and short-sightedness!

      Right now, I’d be fine recycling old games and rallying our fellow Nips to join us. GTA IV, Modern Warfare 2, Culdcept Saga.. Tons of bargain-bin games to be enjoyed out there! The console market has a tough time driving value and sustaining communities because they only look at initial and DLC sales. Really, if you build a massive community, that ADDS value to your product. They fail to see that.

      We need more dedicated servers because game divergence is a pain. Gamers lose interest too easily these days. The developers out there need to slow down with back-to-back releases and show commitment to the gamers, ESPECIALLY early adopters paying top dollar for their proverbial shovelware. I know people have mouths to feed but it’s getting a bit out of hand!

      As we’ve been planning for the past few years, I’m looking to launch a web site to tie together all NoF projects and help us team up with other like-minded gamers and geeks. The only difference now is that I’m widening our reach to other gaming clans, casual gamers, and friendly competitors. There’s a great need there that the CAL, MLG, and GameBattles do not meet.

      The urgency is there and the timing is right. Just trying to balance my hectic lifestyle and project workload with what will be our life’s work. We got the talent and heart so I know we’ll rock it out!

      Our best bet is to start off small and expand gradually and naturally. In the past, overly-ambitious and auspicious plans became overwhelming and ended up dying prematurely. Ideas need to be nurtured; they are, after all, our babies. Hope you’re getting excited – this is what we’ve been building up to for over a decade! =oD


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      • That’s very true.. Yet I feel that most video game communities are merely tribes.. There’s little interaction and there’s a whole lot of segregation. I want to take the foundation we built in our years with NoF and build a much larger, more engaged community around it. Then we can hone in on the special little games that truly have soul. I know I could go for some Warheads and Warcraft III.. Maybe some Global Combat too! ;o)

    • Sometimes it feels that it can’t happen fast enough.. But we connect with like-minded people and good things come. Good things are worth waiting for, as the old saying goes!

  5. that is right most of the games i play does’nt have excitement and there no more frustration that makes you want shout i want the old games bag

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