Work From Home Success: Working Out to Work Better

Once again Julio has inspired me to piggyback off one of his recent blog entries (send complaints his way LOL). Today JulioFromNY discusses his personal fitness commitment and, really, what better follow-up to my recent WFH article? It turns out that working out helps you work more efficiently!

If you’re like me in the slightest bit, you probably got turned off to dieting and fitness because of how it is often positioned. Most focus on the more superficial components of exercise. Julio can tell you about friends we had that fell for fad diets and calorie counting… Bleh. It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to die fat and happy.

The reality here is that eating right and exercising regularly does help you become more productive and fulfilled in life. That there is the spirit of WFH, self-employment, and entrepreneurship alike, is it not? If you ever feel lethargic and often wake up feeling uninspired or just plain exhausted, chances are you could gain quite a bit from Julio’s inspirational blog! As always, JulioFromNY brings us practical advice and news for everyday situations that most of us can really relate to. KUDOS!

Read on for some ideas I have for increasing your energy (and productivity) and feeling great!My take-away from this recent article is simple: I need to get back to the basics! All too often exercise and eating right becomes a chore because we view it the wrong way. My personal fitness goals are simple:

  • Enjoy longer walks with my dog. She loves a good exercise and I sure could use it myself. My dog is always happier and sleeps better after our frisbee and running sessions – good times! She needs to work on the frisbee catching but she’s getting there.
  • Take advantage of exercise video games. It may seem cheesy but if you have a competitive spirit and/or love video games, this is a great way to get fit and keep track of your progress. Kinect, by far, pwns Playstation Move and the Wii when it comes to fitness software. Hands-free exercising.. It’s not “like” the real thing, it IS the real thing!
  • Catch up with my martial arts training. While my training group is hundreds of miles away, I’m thinking I can at least do some Tae Bo and review some training footage to keep my body conditioned and my mind sharp. The SKH To-Shin Do DVD training series is great too.. Shame it’s a tad bit over-priced… Taiso body conditioning and “ninja meditation” is good stuff there!
  • Walk more. Save gas. This is where I miss living in a true big city like NYC or El Cajon (San Diego). Once you get used to driving your car everywhere, walking itself becomes a chore. I at least walk the trash out rather than drive it!
  • Savour food more. This is a big challenge here. When you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to put off things like biobreaks and eating. As a result, meal time usually turns into a vacuum consumption session. I find that, when you chew your food more and accompany every few bites with a glass of room temperature water, you eat less and still feel equally as satisfied. You enjoy the food more this way without feeling like it’s Thanksgiving Dinner: The Reckoning.

So there you have it! I resolve to make a more conscientious effort to fulfill the aforementioned. I already took my dog for a 20-minute walk tonight and I only had two small portions of dinner, instead of my usual three or four after starving myself most of the day. It’s a start.

Julio, you are officially my work-out buddy! You should all get work-out buddies too – they’re spiffy. Now I need to get cracking on Your Shape: Fitness Evolve for the XBox 360. Let’s all check back with our results here regularly. Though I suppose I should get one of those handy-dandy BMI scales rather than relying on the pants test

(My Goal: Get back into my spiffy Banana Republic clothes.. Size 32/34.. Or at least 34/36 (right now, I can squeeze into a 38/40 but 40/42 is more where I’m at, TBH). Need to trim down my “championship belt”, if you know what I mean! I want to be a little more lean but, more importantly, I wish to regain my old energy so I can forego this weakling sleep-nap cycle – and be more productive!)


3 thoughts on “Work From Home Success: Working Out to Work Better

  1. Ya i know what you mean bud im trying to slim down myself ive been looking @ your fitness evoled how it it? i am also going to start zumba since it is all i have atm and havent worked out in ages i have p90x but feel i am too out of shape to start that just yet let me know some good DVDs on that topic and ill see if i can get them and pass them your way

    • Thanks! I hope my WFH series helps show people that there are other ways to do things. We’re not all destined to be stuck in a 9-to-5 grind. Regardless, it takes a lot of work, folks – there’s NO cutting corners in true success (with sustainable residual income especially)! 8)

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