“And Now For Something Completely Different” (NSFW?)

Funniest Video EVER – FOR REAL!!!

*** WARNING:  This content may be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or NSFC (Not Safe For Church).  It’s a tad bit..  Suggestive..  Otherwise, it’s good, clean fun! 😉 ***

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fun to the blog so I present to you the affectionately-named “Funniest Video EVER!!!” – this one actually IS entertaining (unlike the never-ending crap that ends up getting his on YouTube – SEE “Stanky Leg” or “Jerk Video”)! Richard Simmons meets “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (possibly the best comedy/game show ever). Improv HEAVEN!! =oD


4 thoughts on ““And Now For Something Completely Different” (NSFW?)

  1. I recently read your last article about toothbrushes and you mentioned our Twinbrush tooth-gum brush. Is it possible for you to contact me or give me your phone number so I can review with you our marketing strategy and compensation program? Thanks.

  2. Hmmm.. I am thinking Dr. Porper is still learning how threads and blogs work.. The Twinbrush seems pretty interesting but my toothbrush article was more focused on the metaphor rather than the literal iteration of oral care. ;o)

  3. I saw that one on TV! It is indeed one of the best “who’s line is it anyways”. And about ^^ well, what can I say, but robots never prosper!

  4. Robots have their place, I suppose.. I look at it as free hits to my pages so I’ll just write it off as “no harm, no foul”. LOL.. I had to update this blog entry since it’s a bit more “racey” than my usual piece. Still, I think it’s mostly tasteful. I just wanted to have a more light-hearted, fun moment here to spice things up a bit. 8)

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