15 thoughts on “Free Hug Day and The Need For Warm Connections

  1. Kudos! There are so many things I could say but only one word sums it up–AGREED! Everything said is true…I just don’t understand why more people can’t see that.

  2. YAY Suz!

    I was wondering when you’d finally show up.. This has been months in the making, believe it or not. Haha.. Anywho, yeah, I think the simple solutions are often overlooked because people are too busy collecting material things, status symbols, and counting beans. If we all took the time out to enjoy the simple things life has to offer, things wouldn’t be so crappy sometimes.

    Simply put: people do not see it because they don’t want to see it or they are just not looking. Everyone is “too busy” or focused on other, “more important” things. It’s sad, really.. Hold me, dear friend… =o(

  3. Hey there, VelvetHammer! =oD

    I was wondering when you’d join the hugging party! We’re still hugging it up – in fact, I even have some clients getting in on the fun (right, Tatiana?)!! Hugs are fun for everyone!

    Ange, I haven’t been stumbling much lately. I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ll be on MSN Messenger later so we can catch up. 8)

  4. Wow.. That little toy is quite cool! I got to tinker with that more. Sorry for delay in response! Weeks later, I’m still campaigning to have everyone possible blog about FREE HUGS and get their hugging on!

    You should know by now: I love me some sidebar gadgets! Wahaha!

    Time to get busy with widgets and such!! =oD

  5. 😀 The “give Yogizilla more HUGS link works in your comment above. BTW Total ‘7 hugs’ and counting. What you need to do though it place the code in a text widget. I had it on my old (free) wordpress.com blog and it worked just fine that way.

    Have a good one!
    – VH

  6. You beat me to the punch! I forget how WordPress suppresses fancy scripts to prevent exploits and spams. It’s smart.. Still.. Now I have to go through extra effort! *SIGH*

    Haha.. Just being silly! =oD


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