Oreo Double Stuf Race – You Guys Win!!!

I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the recent CWTV Oreo Double Stuf Race promotion. First and foremost, thanks to all of you that actively voted and told your friends to do the same. I saw some exponential growth in the traffic going from my pages on MySpace and WordPress. In the final hour, many of you put in hundreds of clicks which really kept my brother in the race.

According to the last vote refresh I got to see (right before the poll page was taken offline), the top two videos were Oreos In Bed and Deliocioso. I think I share the sentiment of most people out there when I sit in complete bewilderment and wonder just how in the world such a piss-poor entry made it as a finalist, let alone won the grand prize. Apparently, since other people found the jump from 5% to 63% [practically overnight] to be rather suspicious, an investigation got started. I don’t mean to sound like a sore loser but, really, my brother’s video was infinitely better than “Oreos In Bed” – I would have rather seen “The Last One”, “Search for Stuf”, or “I Love Oreos” in the #1 spot since they had much more substance and production value.

I reviewed the Oreo Double Stuf Race contest rules and it seems that 70% of the vote is based on “personality” – call me crazy, but I don’t think there was much personality in that bed scene. What there was in that video was a whole lot of suggestive sexual content. Boobies sell and I guess that is enough for the general public. Sad times indeed…

Fortunately, the prize packs for grand and first places are pretty much the same so it’s not like my brother is missing out. It’s just a shame that these other hard-working people got jerked out of a good PR opportunity. We were able to keep my brother in the race by using several PR channels and blasts. MySpace, StumbleUpon, De.licio.us, WordPress, WOMM, and many other marketing tools came together to bring many of the related pages to the top of search engine results in a matter of a few days. Talk about generating buzz!

We created a very viral message by playing into the fact that the girl behind “Oreos In Bed” was clearly cheating or the contest was rigged in some maner. People started to spread this message out amongst their discussion groups, chat channels, e-mail lists, and the like. We really suspect that a clickbot was being used since, even with at least 15-20 people voting actively at once, we were barely able to level out the playing field and keep “Oreos in Bed” in check. Nonetheless, I think this all serves as a great lesson in marketing and even brand power. The Oreo brand alone created entry points into my blogs that were not there before. Even people querying for “contests” found my blog, which helped us create a new audience rather than just focusing on our natural market.

Had there been more buzz generated by NCompass (the Integrated Marketing Solutions provider), I think the turn-out would have been different. This turned out to be a popularity contest rather than a show of which videos were better. It’s a shame that NCompass didn’t see the possible percussions of such a wide-open poll. Oh well… The important thing here is that we are all winners in spite of the losers that damaged the integrity of this promotion. You guys proved that even the smallest, otherwise insignificant message, can become viral when aimed at specific markets, the right people. I am very pleased to say that this promotional effort has exploded my blog’s personality and has inspired me to start a new series of articles in the areas of online marketing, social media, buzz marketing, and weaving viral stories. I definitely look forward to the coming months and I hope you do too!

Ms. “Oreos In Bed”, if you did indeed cheat, shame on you! Extra “shame on you” for those that had the sheer oversight to allow multiple clicks per user. Talk about inviting clickbots and other dirty tactics. Must have been the marketing department interns. Folks, this is not high school and a lot of good videos got bumped out of the competition, due to a mere popularity contest. Those that voted for the bad videos just because the people were cute or familiar, really, you should sit in a corner and reflect about what you have done. I’m going to send this guy to your homes:

Village idiot salutes CRAP IN BED!

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7 thoughts on “Oreo Double Stuf Race – You Guys Win!!!

  1. Agreed!

    An investigation is actually under way which is a big plus! I really suspect foul play. It just seems weird that someone would go up from 5% to 63% overnight. Not to forget that the percentage kept going up consistently each and every hour, as if it was automated.

    I know this because I had people keeping an eye on the votes alongside my own efforts. If foul play was not involved, I can only assume that this has to be the most dedicated girl ever.. or her friends really love her!! Sorry, if she was my friend, I’d be honest and let her know: you lack personality – good game! =oX

  2. Tough break: NCompass did not find anything suspicious with her activity. I find that hard to swallow and my guess is that they did not have the proper framework in place to properly trace all traffic. Rookies. ;o)

    Looks like my bro is going to have an interesting time with Ms. “Pechonalidad” (those that speak Spanish should find that bit at least somewhat amusing) out in LA. The actual Oreo Lick Race takes place early April, if I am not mistaken. When it airs is still to be determined but I am definitely excited to see this poser pwned. I don’t know if you noticed but she barely dug into the Oreo’s and seemed almost disgusted. Then again, when the money is actual on the line, it may be a different story…

    I provided the contest rules and prize details in this article. Still doesn’t explain too much but, basically, my brother gets a free trip and some air time. Uncle Sam will be happy because he gets to dip into the prize pack valued at around $3000 (very little of which is actually cash, BTW). Weaksauce.

  3. You are right about your video being the best of the finalists, but if you look on youtube you’ll find even better ones that weren’t even considered. I have no doubt that this is totally legit – why on earth would a multi-million dollar company risk rigging a competition for $3000?
    (Great blog BTW!)

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  5. Yeah Govvster, I still suspect that there was some sort of foul play but it’s a moot point. Really, all one can do is speculate and hope that the marketing firm learns how to better-manage promotions in the future. At least the prize packages are negligible. It’s purely the principles of the matter that bother me.

    Wilber, thanks for the great feedback. I agree with you all the way! I am actually very good about competitive analysis and I saw tons of stuff on YouTube, FeedMedia, and other sites that were comparable, if not better. Of course, “good” and “better” are purely subjective and everyone has their biases. I look at my brother’s video as not only the best in terms of personality, presence, and entertainment value, but also the best in terms of overall production value. I mean, that tape, as is, can be a good viral marketing piece, IMHO, perhaps as part of a greater FCBC (For Community, By Community) effort ad campaign. That’d give a chance for these other great videos to get some more limelight, like they deserve.

    In regards to your being convinced that this was totally legit. It’s great to see such optimism in an increasingly more jaded consumer market. I like to play devil’s advocate because it’s too easy to just hope that people will not exploit the honor system.

    Now, the stakes are not high so it does seem petty but that is exactly why the NCompass, hypothetically speaking, could get away with cheating the system a bit. No one is going to raise hell about a prize package that features a Gilmore Girls DVD as one of it’s flagship offerings (LOL) so most will say “no big deal” and move on, as they have. I believe the better question to ask is: what does the marketing firm and their client have to gain? That’s simple: they get to control the image that they put out in the market. An attractive girl and an attractive guy, two “next-door cuties” racing against each other. It’s mass appealat it’s best.

    Really, what would stop them from rigging the competition? I can think of any number of scenarios that would cause NCompass to shape the results. None of them would be real far-off shots, either. That being said, I am not a sore loser and, really, I was just promoting this for my brother as I gain nothing personally. To me, it all serves as a great lesson in marketing, consumer decisions, and general human perception/interaction.

    I have no hard feelings. It’s just a shame that, out of the final videos, “Oreos In Bed” made the #1 spot when there were clearly-better videos there. That’s the kicker: “better” is still a wholly subjective matter. I am curious what would happen if we did a poll with the videos that never made it versus some of the top finalists (the good videos, that is).

    Anywho, thanks for the feedback and check back soon! I have lots of exciting topics coming, including…

    – The Social Media Boom
    – The Economy of Gaming
    – The Fallacy of Product Superiority

    I love feedback so keep it coming. It’s good to get different perspectives and get everyone discussing things. As I said, I like to take a less-popular stance on issues mainly to provoke people and get them to speak up. It’s good to examine all sides of any major issue before taking your own personal stance on it, and I hope I empower my readers to do just that. Be informed, fight the propaganda and zombie rhetoric, and spread the word! 8)

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