Marketing No-No’s: Curves Are Back!

I just got back from a client site and, as always, I walk home and take a look into all the windows along the way.  I notice a woman’s magazine and, in big violet letters, it said “Curves Are Back!”  I couldn’t help but shake my head.  This is the kind of garbage that people listen to and then we wonder why so many people are insecure.

It’s sad but, in this day and age, people want to fit in at all costs (usually). If you don’t have some sort of label or group that you can identify with then you’re alone and nobody wants to be alone.  Being alone and not fitting in is uncool.  Uncool people are losers.  You want to be a winner?  Adopt what the media tells you is right and you will be all right.  If you believe those last three lines, you may have already been infected by this virus.  A virus that robs us of our individuality, creativity, and ability to pioneer our own thoughts.

Certainly, there is a need for sheep if there are to be shepherds. A leader cannot lead if no one will follow.  There needs to be a balance, however, and I do not think the US, as a nation, has that balance right now.  Everywhere I turn, I see beautiful, attractive, and BRILLIANT women that second-guess themselves because Cosmo says they do not know how to please their man or they are “too curvy”.  What the??  Too curvy??  There are many wishing their girlfriends were MORE curvy.  I guess you really can’t please everyone and this is what people have to remember before they go through extreme processes just to fit in.

The way I see it, everyone is cool to someone and, so long as you are able to do the things that you are passionate about,  what else should matter?  If people spent more time living their life in the romantic sense rather than trying to impress people, more ideas and dreams would go out the front door rather than down the gutter.  I send a big “shame on you” to all those people imposing terrible ideas to people that, for all intents and purposes, are lemmings.  Gullible, mindless, and just following the pack because that’s all there really is, in their minds.  That is no sort of direction for manking to follow if we are to evolve!

I’d like to offer to these magazines a bit of advice: curves were never out.  You are all idiots.  Brilliant idiots, yes, for taking advantage of feeble-minded that need to be told what to do and think but, still, you remain idiots.  The world has much variety and you can’t just jumble up everyone into all-encompassing groups.  For every man that likes a skinny or flat girl, there are guys that like girls with curves or, heck, even fat girls.

There is a greater lesson here: do not resort to this sort of nasty elitist marketing where you make people feel bad for not falling into your outline of what is cool or “right”.  While you want to grab a very specific audience, it is not very smart to deliberately attack another group or even display very extreme favoritism.  This may not be the case here but articles like “Curves Are Back” or “A Better You” are the start of very fascist ways, if you ask me.  To be free is to think freely and not be confined to archaic ways of thought and good marketers respect individuality rather than try to mold it.  Marketing, to me, should then be about identifying a need rather than creating a need.  It should be about finding those overlooked customers rather than trying to rile up the paranoid and insecure folks.

I’ll tell you what is really “in” right now: people that put up a big middle finger to mainstream society and just do what makes them feel happy, comfortable, and natural.   So long as your actions are not interfering with someone else’s ability to be as free as you are, it’s all fair game.  Go read a good magazine, perhaps a Reader’s Digest, and learn something useful.  If you really need someone to think for you, then get a boyfriend or a girlfriend that won’t mind holding your hand.  Good game..  Thanks for playing.


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