Home Sweet Zelda

Ever wonder why we can’t get enough video game action in?  Me neither.  But, if you did, I’d say a big reason for it can very well be nostalgia.  Yes, nostalgia, a weapon that smart game developers use to keep us hooked.  I’m all right with that!

Just earlier today, as I took a break from a very mundane web dev project, I perused Digg and once again found myself on the eclectic Kotaku site.  This gamer’s site takes a nice approach by providing video game and geek goodies for those with short attention spans.  The pretty colors, concise content, and fresh perspective is a breath of fresh air.  Today’s gem was a little tidbit about Zelda.  It’d make any old-school gamer wiggle with joy!

Kotaku: Zelda Cross-Stitch Stylee!

If that doesn’t scream out “geek”, I don’t know what DOES!  I suddenly find myself wanting to propose to make babies with my girlfriend just so that we can have some custom old-school pixel avatars on our baby bibs.  That’s just so hot that I can barely contain myself.  This takes me back like you don’t believe.  I tell you: Zelda was one of those games that made such an impact on me.  I actually had to put the game down at times just to catch my breath – sensory overload can really be overwhelming!

Nowadays, it is arguable that the magic of gaming is not there as much.  Folks write it off as mere nostalgic spin and yet, when you crank up those old jammies, you can’t help but feel young all over again.  Games like Zelda show us the power of creating an epic experience with simple gameplay, something that everyone can get into and identify with.  I mean, to some, it’s just a bunch of colorful pixels but we see moblins, slow bomb-eating rhinos, and octopus-esque creatures.

I look at this cross-stitched masterpeice and I remember the secret entrances, the joy that came in finding them (WITHOUT a strategy guide), and how fun it was to kill the moblins after they hooked you up with the phat lootz – ninja Link, YO!  This is more brilliant marketing at work.  When you can get people to do this sort of free association by presenting a simple color-schemed, dithered pattern, you know you did your job creating something memorable.  The gaming industry needs more Zelda’s and Final Fantasy’s, IMHO.  Someone should also hire the dude that stitched this Zelda pattern.  Reggie, get busy man – you’re slacking and Sony is going to steal this gem too!


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