The Suit Does Not Make The Man/Woman

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Recently, I enjoyed a myriad of skeptical consumers that said that Wii’s would not be available until after the holiday season. I avidly disagreed and cited several reliable sources, including quotes from salespeople that could be trusted, which is something hard to do with your stereotypical salesperson, lawyer, or religious fanatic (sorry, it’s true). People huffed and scoffed at my liberal, idealistic ideas.

Fast forward just a few hours after the conversations tapered off and, lo and behold, people are coming out of major stores with what? Bags. What is in them? Nintendo Wii gaming consoles. Not only were there lots of Wii’s coming in today and still being put up on shelves in phases, but accessories were abundant. Sony really dropped the ball and I don’t care what S&M (sales and marketing, that is) goobledygook they throw at you, it was all part of some sad tactics. It failed miserably because now people are fiendin’ for the Wii more and more each day.

This just goes to show you that self-proclaimed experts, especially those that wear a suit or uniform, do not know it all. Just because you go to a gaming store and ask someone there about something does not mean that they will answer correctly or honestly. In fact, I’d say that these days incompetent people at the points of customer service are more common; they are the rule, not the exception.

There are a few reasons for this. Quite simply, people just don’t give a flying fart anymore. The passion and interest in someone’s area of expertise has taken a backseat to self-pity, apathy, and plain old indifference. Another problem is that people don’t know how to say “I really don’t know”. Last but not least, folks do not do their homework even though all you need to do is search the Internet and all the information is right there at your finger tips.

The uniformed retail experts are up there with paper-certified IT “professionals”. I scoff at them. Please don’t use someone else’s word as fact. Don’t be so naive. Because of the incessant insistence that there would be no Wii before Christmas, you all missed out on an abundance of systems today, BLACK FRIDAY. *shakes his head* Can I get a “pwnt” in the house? =oX

*** 10 Points, Yogi – 0 Points, Corporate America ***

UPDATE: Mind you, as much as I grow tired of stuffy suits and ties due to my bid in Corporate America (before I decided to fly solo), I do realize the importance of first impressions. Really, appearance is part of the complete marketing approach so you can’t forego formalities, even if you’d like to see a paradigm shift away from old money rules. It’s not just about looking good to feel good. You have to match your audience and show that you take them and your business seriously (a mechanic in an apron, for example, would likely throw scare you away, right?). The purpose of this article was to support the idea that looking the part is not good enough: you have to do your research and value your customers too!

For a good read on dressing to impress, check out JJ’s article on “Dressing To Be A Professional” at – great read! She ruffles some feathers but really creates the urgency here.

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