Xbox 360 SOLD OUT!

I have several reports coming in. It seems that the XBox 360 CORE SYSTEM (no HDD or wireless controller pack-in) sold out in just 4 minutes on Amazon. The servers got hit so hard that the entire Amazon site seemed to become incapacitated. Some are calling it a publicity stunt, others are saying that Amazon simply gave bandwidth priority to Amazon Premium subscribers. Seeing how I am no longer a subscriber, I can’t say what happened but it’s pretty creepy how fast a system that is quickly losing ground to PS3 and Wii sold out in what feels like a mere blink of the eyes.

Microsoft definitely got a huge shot in the arm with this Amazon sale. One thousand units may not seem like much but it’s something when you consider the six degrees of separation paradigm. This means they have more viral and buzz marketing working for them. Throw in the fact that Microsoft can afford to run the same commercial a kazillion times a day and we can see that the effort is being made to get people tempted to buy something they don’t really need but they should want, according to M$. Sorry, Gears of War, Dead Rising, XBox Live, and the promises of Halo 3 are not enough for this gamer; for that, I’ll stick with my vanilla XBox.

In other news, Amazon is offering a gift certificate which gets you a one year Premium subscription and $100 worth of toys (or something like that). It’s one of their BIG DEALS of the week, as voted on by the Amazon public. This is a great thing to jump on if you have kids or just like getting yourself little knick-knacks, perhaps for your office as stress relievers or diversions. I personally favor the latter as there are few things more effective than cool toys to get an office invader off your back. People particularly like blinking lights, shiny things, and toys that click; for example, big clicky pens are totally in right now!

This knick-knack here, as offered by Toys’R’Us, is a good example of pointless yet entertaining things:

Cube World at Toys’R’Us

It’s Tamagotchi all over again. Oh no… Flashbacks! I remember dating some asian girls and having to babysit. NOT so good times. Those cyber pets sure poo’ed a lot. You would think you could buy a bot to do the chores for you. PFFFFT! You know virtual life sucks when it starts mimicking real life! It makes me sad, really. ;_;

BTW, stop trying to load that Amazon link. The on-sale XBox 360 units are all SOLD OUT! Sorry. This just goes to show that people love bargains. You can take poo, wrap it up nicely, sell it dirt cheap, and you’ll get yourself a nice little market. POOOOOOOOOOO! =oO

Be safe this Black Friday  if you are brave enough to get out into the angry mobs tomorrow!


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