Microsoft Brings Out SECRET WEAPON A: Holiday 2006 Price Drop

If you have been to any gaming site or checked out gaming-related videos online recently, the big word on the street was that XBox 360 units were going to sell for a super low $100 on Black Friday. The reality is that this sale is in actuality going to be in a few hours (Thanksgiving Day) so I hope I can help those looking for a good Christmas gift out by letting you know this is VERY much real and not a scam in any way. In fact, this item was so popular that it was voted the #1 deal on Amazon and is the very reason it is one of a few select items to be sold at a dramatically lower price tomorrow.

Heavy Weapon (Xbox 360) by PopCap Games
[ About this random Xbox 360 screenshot: this is Heavy Weapon for the XBox 360. A game developed in the spirit of games such as Contra, Tank Wars, Scorched Earth, Gunbound, and Worms Armageddon. The folks at PopCap Games have another winner there – yay for retro-style games that focus on replay value! Hello to John Vechey, Brian Fiete, and Dave Pardon, old buddies of mine over at PopCap. =o) ]

While the XBox 360 does not really appeal to me, I do enjoy online play and Microsoft still seems to reign in that arena when battling against the consoles. It’d be a nice upgrade from my current XBox if I could get my hands on one for $100. One thousand units is a significant number and, naturally, it is first come, first served. If you want to get in on the action, get to at 11:00am sharp. I’m curious to see how fast these sell out.

Amazon’s approach to the marketplace always impresses me. Bless their souls. This promotion will definitely help Microsoft out a bit as it has already created a great amount of buzz in the Internet community as it is. Really, with Wii and PS3 coming on the scene with VERY distinct advantages, Microsoft’s outlook doesn’t look good. As it stands, PS3 and Wii have much more impressive libraries even at their early stages. But I digress.. More on the console wars later!

The point is that this is a bold move. I think Microsoft is definitely scared and, since they have a bottomless pit of money after robbing millions of people, they can afford to lose money on units sold. Heck, there are already games on XBox 360 selling for well under $30, including $3.99 (yes, USD) games sold at Burger King. I think their strategy is clear: get more hardware consoles in more homes before the hype of PS3 and Wii dies down, prices drop down, and supply increases. Microsoft is already trailing, even with the head start they had.

Bill, this is what happens when you don’t think things out carefully. After all, wasn’t XBox originally some blurb on a plane between two tech guys, not gamers, about making a system where people could play parlor games together? Somehow, it evolved and it shows that it was not very intentional… ZING!

For more information about Amazon’s awesome deals, check out:

*** UPDATE 3/17/2007: To all the nay sayers that said this was not going down, it looks like it did. In fact, it was such a successful promotion that Amazon’s servers could not handle all the traffic. Believe me, Microsoft is playing things smart: they are not only adjusting their price model now but also getting rid of the basic system and reinventing their premium XBox 360 platform – more on that later! ***

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