Black Friday Preview

Usually, I don’t get excited about Black Friday because, let’s face it, it just means there will be lots of crowds and annoying people to sift through.  It’s been a while since I’ve dared to shop during heavy shopping traffic.  I think I’m going to go for the gusto tomorrow!

That being said, I found a virtual treasure trove of delicious Black Friday tips and sales.  As one can expect, all the big stores are going to have huge sales on stuff.  Some things will not be documented/advertised so you’ll have to go for yourself.  If any of the latest batch of next-gen gaming consoles is on your list, you’ll be glad to know that most of the big stores still have gaming consoles in their inventory.  They are actually building up a stockpile and, as expected, there will be a good supply for the holidays.

If there is any item you want, your best bet is to preorder with someone that actually will hold the product for you.  Preorders don’t always guarantee reservations.  Typically, they’ll call you to let you know it just came in but then it’s up to you to haul ass.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get what you wanted along with some nice freebies for preordering.

Many sources indicate that PS3 is available in very limited supplies while the Wii is still healthily stocked, though hidden away.  With Nintendo planning to have seven million units in circulation for 2007 Q1, the real question is not whether there are Wii’s out there but when they will be made available.  If you ever worked retail, you know that what is on the shelves and what is advertised is not always the full inventory.  Expect consoles to pop up on shelves throughout the day, especially in the morning when the big bargain-hunting rush is on.

For more information about Black Friday Sales, check out local blogs and forums, such as those available on BlogSpot, GotDeal, Citysearch, and right here on WordPress.  I’ve included a couple of links below just to get you started – good luck!

Superstore Gaming System Stash

NYT – Black Friday Tip-Off


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