NEW Yu-Gi-Oh site launched!

My new Yu-Gi-Oh! web site is now OFFICIALLY launched and I am super-duper excited!

My partner has helped me setup a DPO-like site with SSL and other great buyer protection/security, and shopping cart functions.  We’re planning to take things much further, of course.  If you want to buy 30-point duelpasses, we are one of the few places you can get that. We’re already one of the TOP 10 suppliers in the US and we’re positioned for massive growth which only means better service for our customers.  As we go along, we plan to add some fun stuff here and there.  Here are some of the things to look forward to on this new site:

  • Subscriber-only tournaments.
  • VIP events and prize give-aways.
  • Card showcases and combo ideas.
  • Updated card lists and EXCLUSIVE booster previews.
  • Ladders and rankings for all participating subscribers.
  • And MORE!!!

This site is under heavy construction but I assure you that speedy service, buyer security, and a unique shopping experience are on the frontline for our priorities. YDP is definitely a work in progress and will be that way for a long time so check back once a week or so. Please feel free to share your feedback – I love feedback!  Please note that our main community is at the DuelPassOnline blog right here on WordPress, so be sure to visit that site often too!

On a similar note, I am doing some newbie dueling once again as my old-school namesake (you guessed it), Yogizilla. You can find me in the English beginner lobbies here and there. Cya around!

Need a quick YGO fix?  Out of Duel Points?  Need Duelpasses?  Visit us at TODAY!


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