Let’s get some REAL dueling going, people! ::Evil Grin::

I'm doing some web crawling today to see what it is that avid Yu-Gi-Oh players are getting into these days. The awareness of Yu-Gi-Oh! Online still seems to be surprisingly low.. Or we just have a lot of cheap people in the world…


…Neat concept but.. WHY?? I see quite a bit of Yahoo and MSN groups like this. It sure seems like an aweful lot of trouble to design a web page or any sort of application that allows you to duel with people when, well, there's already one out there. I am on a few MySpace groups currently and pondering joining a Yahoo group but it seems that the discussions are all the same:

* Which god/divine cards do you like most?
* What type of deck do you use?
* Who all duels in the [insert locality here] area?
* Any girls out there???
* Let's do a virtual duel [via e-mail/cheesy web front/other method]!

I really found it interesting that people are still doing e-mail honor duels. It may just be me but the REAL fun in being a duelist is being resourceful and not just knowing your deck inside-out. I reckon that most duelists would stink if they were forced to battle someone that didn't fight a traditional duel and knew all the weaknesses of their deck.

In my humble opinion, anyone can do some trial-by-fire and work out the kinks in a deck. It also takes much less effort to follow a recipe that everyone else uses. This is why I like the Yu-Gi-Oh Online approach to things, really – it's a lot less of the stuff that makes dueling a snore. I mean, sure, get some Cyber Steins in your deck and try to muscle yourself a win but that kinda strategy eventually gets you killed. Ceasefire and/or Magic Cylinder and say good-bye to your cheese!

Anywho, if you want a great YGO experience, you've been given the link and I will continue to brainwash you all until you join our evil army of the undead.. or something!!


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