Check out the new DPO look!

WordPress really does have some sexy features that make publishing your content a real snap. Check us out at and join in on the fun! Also, Gunslinger was great this past weekend. Be sure to participating mid-month. I have a feeling the April and May cards will be some of the best we've seen best.

A quick blurb on trends in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online community: don't be surprised if people start creating "burn decks" now. It'll probably become the next big trend since people running a combination of giant rats, germs, pyramid turtles, germs, Vampire Lord, Jinzo, and/or Matchless General (the list goes on – is it me or are people lacking creativity in their decks… LOL)! I find that most people are going Earth, Warrior, Zombie, or Dark-heavy. The latest combos seem to revolve around using the card-robbin' cards such as Zeelog, Robbin' Goblin, and the little guy I like to call "Quasimoto Zombie of Cheese".

One of the smartest combos I have seen is the use of Multiply/Scapegoat and United We Stand to create a wall of defense and a very powerful counterattack. I recommend this as a finishing move as you never know if someone has Asura Priest and Snatch Steal handy – I know I've used that counter many a time!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed my quick blurbs.. Who knows, maybe you learned a little something! =o]


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