ARC it up!

Quite a few people ask me “What is ARC” and they don’t seem to get it even after visiting some of the main web sites for the game so I will break it down…

What *IS* ARC? The definitions vary depending on whom you speak with.. ARC is simply this: a retro-style game that both hardcore gamers and casual gamers can get into, likely killing lots of time in doing so. As an ARC pilot, you take control of a little spaceship armed with some basic yet effective WMD’s.

The object of the game depends on the map you play and there are LOTS of them, most of which are made by the players themselves. A map called “GO” is the current standard. That is a good thing and a bad thing BUT that’s for another discussion… Anywho, besides flagging maps, there’s also fragging/deathmatch maps (otherwise known as “maps for those that just like to see things blow up”) and switch maps (think domination or land control).

On most maps, Golden Oldie (GO) included, you’ll be focusing more on Capture-The-Flag (CTF) than anything else. The format is usually attack-and-defend, whereas you must defend your flag while trying to get the other team’s flag. There are maps where, instead of the traditional base wars, you have more of a bacon-in-the-middle or tug-of-war format. These are rare and fun. One of these maps is called “Fister” and it can be great fun with the right people (non-idgets)!

There are many strange anamolies, handicaps, and deceptive devices that one must be ready for. This includes statis fields, use of illegal teleportation devices, black-market shielding, and upgraded weapons. Some of these are due to buggy programming and others are due to skill-less pilots that have to cheat to gain an upperhand. Very sad, really…

That being said, where does one get started? Well, go to ARC HQ and find the game client download (you can also host your own maps using the rogue server). It’s VERY straight-forward so all you have to do is download the game, create your account within the game client itself, and then you’re ready for some tiny spaceship tango!

The lobby/chat system on ARC is currently very stinky so you may want to visit #nof or #archq on (you’ll need an IRC client like mIRC) to hook up with other players and get some games going; otherwise, just jump in an open server and hope that you do not run into some of the many weirdos out there. Things can get hairy quickly but the game can become very addictive if you give a chance. Again, that can be a good thing and a bad thing…

What are you waiting for? ARC it up!

2 thoughts on “ARC it up!

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